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The Organisation

The United Kingdom Medical Students Association is a student-doctor collaboration. Our aim is to unite medical students across the UK and provide them with the resources they need to maximise their experience of University.

We are the UK’s first exclusive organisation for medical students aiming to:

  1. Foster collaboration
  2. Develop innovative projects
  3. Maximise access for all


Growth and Strategic Aims

The UKMSA was formed in July 2010 to serve as a centralised organisation that could consolidate student resources, unify disparate societies and provide support to medical students nationwide. It reflects the combined effort of a board of over 50 students, doctors, researchers and professors who work tirelessly to support tomorrow’s doctors. We bring together over 40,000 medical students, over 200 medical student societies and numerous affiliates to achieve this goal.

This collaboration has seen the unprecedented growth of the UKMSA in a relatively short space of time. Since its inauguration in 2010, we have grown consistently year on year, and in 2014 achieved in excess of 60,000 pageviews.


Executive Summary


The UKMSA has initiated a number of projects in order to achieve the strategic aims of the organisation. A brief overview of our current projects and outcomes is summarised below.

Medics Handbook – First produced in 2011. The first freely available online resource offering comprehensive medical revision notes and exam style questions, offering students an opportunity to publish and share their work with peers. We are currently expanding the Handbook to contain a wider range of topics, multimedia resources, and integrated question banks, all designed to facilitate e-learning.

Handbook App – UKMSA released its Medics Handbook Android App in March 2014. Within 4 days of release it was #1 Top New Free Medical app on Android’s Google Play (app store). It has over 5000 downloads and is highly rated amongst our student cohort.

MOOC – ‘Massive open online community’ is something that the UKMSA are trying hard to promote. We believe that medical students everywhere should have easy access to high quality medical education, which is why we are providing live free and interactive webinars on key medical and surgical topics.

Mentoring Scheme – This was established in order to provide medical students with insight and support into careers. Mentoring is a vitally important skill, and this scheme therefore provides qualified doctors with an opportunity to enhance their mentoring skills. We are currently working with Doctors Net UK (DNUK) in order to help foster student-doctor links.

Research Collaboration – This project allows medical students to engage in professionally led research projects. With over 500 applications to date, and a significant number of resulting publications, the URC has proven successful in inspiring students to explore academic medicine by removing hurdles and encouraging student involvement in research.

Resources – UKMSA aims to offer support, advice and opportunities to medical students and societies. Novel projects for 2014-2015 includes development of a UKMSA student forum, an archive for UKMSA MOOC lectures, advice on applications for foundation training and specialist training and an “Academic Advisors Scheme”, which aims to offer students university specific examination and studying advice.

UKMSA-RSM Conference – This year, our annual conference will be held in collaboration with the Royal Society of Medicine, London in October 2015. This offers students opportunities to present their work, listen to distinguished speakers and network.

The current academic year represents a significant period of change for the UKMSA. Universal recognition throughout the UK as an organisation that supports and incentivises medical students to improve their experience of university is our ultimate goal. We are therefore employing innovative strategies in order to establish the UKMSA as a key source of support and opportunity for generations of future medical students. We are confident that our commitment to this goal will help to ensure the continued success of the UKMSA.