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UKMSA are currently putting together a bank of MCQs and EMQs but while we are waiting for this to go live, we recommend the following sites which offer free exam style questions.


All Med Exams – Website offering a wide range of questions covering a variety of topics and specialties. The standard of some questions may be slightly advanced for undergraduate use. Website requires free sign-up.

Medical Finals – General revision website offering a small number of MCQs authored by postgraduate medical professionals. Please be aware that this website is no longer updated so some content may be inaccessible.

Medical MCQs – Facebook group offering a variety of questions, spot diagnoses, mnemonics etc. Unfortunately a major flaw is the difficulty in navigating this site. Website requires you to have a Facebook account.

MSRC (Leeds) – Free website offering thousands of MCQs written by past and present students at the University of Leeds. Questions are based on the Leeds medical course and are helpfully arranged according to topic.

Synap – Free MCQs created by medical students and professionals alike. This website has been running for over a year and has over 4000 tests with new mcqs added daily. It is being constantly expanded and comes highly recommended. Synap is also available as a iPhone and Android app.