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Sign up to the UKMSA Mentoring Scheme

The UKMSA mentoring scheme aims to pair medical students with a trainee working in their field of interest. On signing up to the scheme you will be given the email contact of your mentor, who should then be able to answer any questions you may have on working in that speciality, gaining experience, and knowing how to make yourself stand out during applications.

If you aren’t yet sure which area of medicine/surgery you want to pursue that’s fine, we also have a group of foundation doctors who can also give advice on FPAS, gaining general experience for applications and coping with the stresses of life as a doctor.

In return for their time we will email you to ask for feedback regarding your mentor. By giving feedback to our mentors, not only can we help them to develop their mentoring skills and provide them with evidence of CPD, but also encourage future mentors to join our network.

Please complete the following form in order to sign-up as a UKMSA mentee

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