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Get Involved: Students

Available areas of research

UKMSA has collaborated with many researchers to make research more accessible. If any of the projects interest you complete the form at the bottom of the page.

1. Impact of frailty on prognosis of heart failure (systematic review)
2. Effectiveness of different frailty indices in determining the degree of frailty and its impact on heart failure prognosis (systematic review)
3. Effect of titration of heart failure medication to maximum dose on prognosis of heart failure
4. GIFAID HF (Grimsby index of frailty and its impact on treatment and impact on death prediction in heart failure) study – prospective
preliminary study
5. HIFI-HF (Hull index of frailty and its impact on management of heart failure) – retrospective multicentre validation study
6. DEFINITE-HF (Derby index of frailty and its impact on management of heart failure) – retrospective multi-centre validation study
7. Nutrition predicts prognosis in heart failure (retrospective study)
8. Role of exercise therapy in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction – a meta-analysis
9. Exercise and heart failure (systematic review)
10. Long-term outcomes of individuals with PR prolongation (prospective study)
11. Myocardial fibrosis in stroke patients (prospective clinical study)
12. Hyperthyroidism and cardiovascular events (systematic review)
13. Ethnic differences in carotid wall thickness/ coronary artery calcium (systematic review)
14. Procollagen peptides predict fibrosis development and treatment response (systematic review)
15. Heavy menstrual bleeding audit (needs data analysis and report writing)
16. Chronic pelvic pain – the missing link (systematic review)
17. Angelman syndrome and the role of best interest meetings (case report)
18. Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome (case series + review of literature)
19. Management o phenylketonuria in pregnancy (case series + review of literature)
20. Postoperative advice and review for major uncomplicated gynaecological surgeries (systematic review)
21. A review of 3 or more recurrent ectopic pregnancies (case report)
22. Squamous cell carcinoma arising from an epidermal cyst (case report)
23. Management of a complex obstetric patient (case report)
24. Pethidine versus epidural analgesia in labour (systematic review)
25. Management of syphilis in pregnancy (case based discussion)

1. Varicose veins mechanochemical ablation
2. UK carotid-endarterectomy audit
3. Risk assessment in acute psychiatric units
4. A NICE audit on bipolar disorder
5. An audit of the time from admission to lumbar puncture in SAH- are guidelines followed?
6. Novel Psychoactive Substances (Legal highs) and their clinical effects: a review of the literature
7. Novel Psychoactive Substances: do clinicians ask enough? (An audit of the inclusion of questioning about legal high usage in routine history
taking in A&E/psychiatry.)
8. Ward rounds: what factors influence ad hoc teaching? (An audit/survey of teaching on ward rounds: what influences the amount of teaching from senior clinicians?)
9. Does local anesthesia reduce pain for ABG sampling? A review of the literature.
10. Role of Simulation training in Urology: a review of the literature
11. Prebiotics as a treatment for obesity: a review of the literature

CMJ commissioned titles:
1. Controversies in the NICE guidelines for the management of hypertension”- Clinical Pharmacology
2. “What are the mechanisms underlying peripheral vascular disease in diabetic patients”- Vascular Surgery/Diabetes
3. “Does HIV testing without follow up blood tests lead to resistance in resource poor areas?”- GUM/Infectious Diseases
4. “Should every patient with an acute abdomen have imaging before surgery?”- Radiology
5. “What is the best way the use the current and expanding range of biologic therapies in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis?”- Rheumatology
6. “A history of alemtuzumab: from CLL to multiple sclerosis”- Neurology

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