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Fortis Hospitals

Dr.Arjun Lakshmana Balaji (drarjuniyer@gmail.com)
We are an avid group of students working as research volunteers in the Bannergatta Branch of Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We are spread across various departments including Pulmonary and Critical Care, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, and Neurosurgery. We are fresh graduates with a research and clinical liking and hope to be practicing and researching in our specialities.


International USMLE

Andrew Nanapragasam (international.usmle@gmail.com)
International USMLE provides a comprehensive lecture course for UK medical students interested in the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step I. We also provide informative pamphlets that guide the students every step of the way from applying for the exam to getting the residency position they desire.



EKIDOR ISAIAH EWEET. The former medical student, The Founder and The Legal Advisor to the Association. (eweetisaiah@gmail.com)
The Turkana County Medical Students Association is the upcoming association formed by medical students from the Turkana County in the year 2009 and last year 2011 we registered locally and now National registration is underway i.e. in month of May this year we will have National Certificate. Turkana is found in the Northern part of Kenya bordering three countries i.e. South Sudan in the North West, Ethiopia in the North and Uganda in the West. As students from Turkana community in this remote area of Northern Kenya, we came together so that we can embrace health in the county and to the entire country. Here below is what we are up to:

Promote and support the community, students centered learning and other innovative educative approaches to the community related to competency based healthy living in Turkana county and beyond to impact knowledge in health awareness in emerging diseases.

Win, nurture medics and enhance health growth of communities, young professionals and to be an excellent reference Association for innovative methods in competent health workers.

Be a forum for medical students throughout the Turkana County to discuss topics related to health, education and medicines, formulate policies and carry out devolve activities, promote humanitarian ideals and medical ethics amongst medical students, be a body through which cooperation and contacts with International Organizations are established and act as a mechanism for member organization to raise funds for projects recognized by Turkana County Medical Students Association (TUCMSA) in order to improve and propel the health living standards in Turkana County.

1. Facilitate social interactions among medical students from the Turkana community.
2. Availing information to continuing students on opportunities within and beyond medical school including assisting the needy amongst ourselves.
3. Promote activities aimed at uplifting education standards in our community (Turkana) among which is to encourage and facilitate the development of the youth by school outreach programs, sport activities and mentor-ship programs to secondary and primary students in the county.
4. Providing a link between members, medical institutions and International Organizations and to encourage cooperation between them for the ultimate benefit of the Turkana Community.
5. Promoting and facilitating professional and scientific exchanges as well as projects and extra-curricular trainings for medical students, thereby sensitizing them to other cultures and societies and their health problems.
6. Empowering medical students in using their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of the Turkana community.