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British Undegraduate Cardiology Association (BUCA)

Mahvesh Rana Javaid (mahvesh.r.javaid@gmail.com)

The British Undergraduate Cardiology Association (BUCA), which is a student-led Organisation for medical students with an interest in Cardiology and/or those who wish to pursue a career in this specialty . We are launching our website next month. This Organisation was agreed to form with the support of the Cardiology Section of Royal Society of Medicine. To date, there is no such Organisation existent in the UK, therefore was formed aiming at medical students.


British Undergraduate Ophthalmology Society

Farihah Tariq (president@buos.co.uk)
BUOS is the UK’s first national ophthalmology society for medical students and junior doctors. The society will provide a platform for those who wish to pursue a career in ophthalmology by providing educational opportunities. We also hope our events, material on the website and student journal will boost every medical students confidence in dealing with an ophthalmic condition!



Sara Naraghi (Training@medsin.org)
Student based charity which aims to promote education, advocacy and action for global health equity, both locally and overseas.


National ENT Undergraduates and Foundation Trainees Society (NEUFTS)

Alexander Yao (alexander.c.yao@gmail.com)
We are currently in the planning stages.

Purpose of National ENT Undergraduates and Foundation Trainees Society (NEUFTS) Target audience= medical students (all years), foundation trainees (all years)
1.        Increasing awareness of ENT as a specialty across all the medical schools
2.        Centralising information and resources regarding ENT as career with a target of students and foundation trainees
3.        Promote greater understanding of clinical ENT supplementing the current medical school curricula

Why is it needed/what is the current inadequacy?
•        Paucity of ENT exposure in medical school makes it difficult to make informed career choices regarding ENT.
•        Few resources providing comprehensive information regarding ENT as a career.
•        Under-representation of ENT in medical school curricula. Disproportionate to the prevalence of ENT conditions presenting to doctors especially in primary care.


National Undergraduate General Surgery Conference

Enquiries (enquiries@nugsc.com)
The National Undergraduate General Surgery Conference


Held at University College London (UCL), The National Undergraduate General Surgery Conference (NUGSC) – accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons – will be the first undergraduate surgical conference to discuss the future of Surgery in the UK at this level, focusing on groundbreaking innovations and surgical training. If you are interested in surgery as a career, this conference is a must.

This is an unrivalled opportunity to gain exposure to current issues in surgery, to meet leaders in the field, and to see the latest technologies.

We are privileged to be hosting very distinguished speakers, promising to make this an inspiring and enlightening event. We are even flying in one of our speakers from San Diego. There will also be a broad range of high-quality workshops, to teach key surgical and interventional skills, which are not taught in the undergraduate medical curriculum. Details are available on our website.

NUGSC has received letters of support from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ireland as well as the College of Emergency Medicine, British Association of Paediatric Surgeons, Society of Academic & Research Surgery, and the London Deanery School of Surgery. These can be viewed online.

Lunch is included in the ticket price, and refreshments will be provided throughout the day, during breaks. These will offer delegates the opportunity to interact with each other, and with the speakers.

A delegate dinner will also take place on the Saturday evening.


NUGSC is currently inviting research abstract submissions for the conference, and 20 accepted abstracts will be *published* in the International Journal of Surgery. Four conference prizes will be awarded to the most impressive submissions.

Further information and subsidised tickets, currently at £40 each, can be purchased on our website. We recommend that you purchase these as soon as possible if you are interested.


Thank you

The National Undergraduate General Surgery Conference

Website: www.nugsc.com | Email: enquiries@nugsc.com


RCSI Surgical Society

Jack Woods (surgicalsoc.rcsi@gmail.com)
The RCSI Surgical Society has been in existence since 2006 and is the re-incarnation of a society that dates back to 1862. Our mission is to nurture student skill, confidence, knowledge, and interest in the Art & Science of Surgery. We have become the largest student society in RCSI with over 500 members. Our events include surgical skills workshops, journal clubs, surgical case competitions, social events and talks from surgeons, both past and present, on their insight into and experiences of the life of a surgeon. Past speakers at the society include our current Society President Mr. Patrick Broe, current RCSI President Ms. Eilis McGovern and Professor Arnold Hill, Professor David Bouchier-Hayes, Professor Tom Walsh, Mr. Michael Earley, Mr. Henry Osborne, Mr. Harold Browne and many others.

RCSI Surgical Society
~Sapienta Manaque Apta


Scottish Universities Medical Journal

Prerana Huddar (scottishumj@gmail.com)
The Scottish Universities Medical Journal (SUMJ) is a medical students’ journal aimed at all medical students studying in Scottish medical schools. This will be an online journal initially requiring no subscription to access the contents of the journal. It will run by medical students with careful supervision by clinical academics and consultants at the various universities. We plan to publish two issues a year and to receive submissions online, where they will be made anonymous and then edited and peer reviewed.

This idea was stemmed from wanting to create an accessible platform in which medical students would be able to present work carried out during their undergraduate years (such as SSC/SSM reports) and in the process hone journalistic skills such as editing and peer-reviewing, but also develop a knowledge of how a business is run and how to effectively collaborate with peers who might not necessarily be in the same year group, let alone the same university. Also, we feel that if all five of the Scottish medical schools collaborate to create and maintain this journal together, it will help us achieve a sense of unity, which is lacking at the moment.

Being able to write an article for journal and having evidence of publication are highly desirable skills for a medical graduate to have, but currently only about 5% of medical students in Scotland get the opportunity to see publication. This percentage is estimated to be roughly the same at the other universities.

We are aware that other more established student journals exist (such as the student BMJ) however these tend to consist solely of perspective and education articles, as opposed to research articles and case reports.

In short, our aim is to provide an alternative platform for students to get their work published, fostering an interest in academic medicine and medical journalism. All work submitted will be subject to the same quality control as other journals, as we will have expert consultants and clinical academics on hand to supervise the process. We want the SUMJ to become a reputable journal and for its name to become synonymous with high quality.


SEMSoc – The Sports and Exercise Medicine Society

Joseph Lightfoot, Mark Yates (semsocuk@gmail.com)
SEMSoc is a national society with branches throughout the UK providing sports and exercise education via lectures, seminars, conferences and online resources. We cater to medical students, and also undergraduates from allied professions. We run a national prize each year, with first prize being £250, membership to BASEM and a presentation at the UKSEM conference.

For more information our website is www.semsoc.com



David Lawrence (coordinator@sexpression.org.uk)
Sexpression is an organisation which specialises in providing Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in centres of education within the UK. We are an independent student-led initiative, not affiliated to any religious or political cause.
We believe in:
1. Creating opportunities to discuss sexual health in an open, non-judgmental environment
2. Promoting individual self-esteem and empowerment
3. Encouraging respect for personal beliefs and values
4. Facilitating informed decision-making and autonomy regarding sex and sexual health
5. Ensuring that young people have the skills to access sources of confidential advice

The organisation consists of projects based in many universities around the UK, designed with their local communities in mind. They are non-profit making organisations and are run on an entirely voluntary basis.

All of our volunteers working with young people and vulnerable adults have received appropriate training.


Student Doctors Academy

Caroline Oswald (caroline.oswald@student.manchester.ac.uk)
We are the student division of Doctors Academy. sDA was founded as a response to the growing need of medical students for mentorship, particularly those in their clinical years who required guidance in developing their CV. We want to provide one to one consultant or specialist mentoring to medical students in their clinical years.


Student Iraqi Medical Association (SIMA)

Ayia Al-Asadi (ayiaalasadi622@googlemail.com)
SIMA, a non political, non religious society was initially founded in 2005 to cater for the needs of Iraqi medical students in London and in Iraq and carried out events such as OSCE revision courses, speciality careers fairs, BSc careers fair and fundraising for charity. Since then it has expanded greatly to now include a branch in London that provides health care advice to the Iraqi community, careers advice to any and all A-level and GCSE students interested in studying medicine, careers advice for all and any medical and dental students in London, first aid campaign for young children in saturday schools, youth health awareness campaign to tackle issues like depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol use and recently we published an English/Arabic Medical Dictionary. We also have a branch in Wales catering solely for the educational need of any and all medical students at Cardiff university by providing tutorials and OSCE revision throughout the year. We have an online e-journal, Prospect, currently on its 6th edition. A registered charity was created, Iraq Relief, which raises money to provide health care services to people in Iraq, such as building hospitals and sending medical supplies.


Student Physicians’ Society

Zirva Ahmad (z.ahmad@doctors.org.uk)
Founded in 2007, the Student Physicians’ Society is a Liverpool-based, student-run society dedicated to the following aims within the student body:

– Raising awareness about clinical medicine
– Building on existing history taking & examination skills
– Developing data interpretation skills
– Aiding in revision
– Educating about career pathways relevant to medicine, and raising awareness about specialties which students receive limited exposure to at medical school