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Aberdeen Marrow

Lesley Arends (aberdeen@ukmarrow.org)
We are Aberdeen Marrow, a pretty special bunch of students that help save the lives of people with blood cancer. We are part of a student network, with over 40 universities across the UK plus another 7 abroad that volunteers for the charity Anthony Nolan. Their vision is, ultimately, to save the lives of everyone who needs a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. In order to help achieve this, Aberdeen Marrow helps find bone marrow and stem cell donors for those in need of a transplant and raise precious funds for the vital work of Anthony Nolan!


Aberdeen Ogston Surgical Society

Nigel Y B Ng (president@ogston.org.uk)
The Ogston Surgical Society was created by Aberdeen medical students in 2002 and was named after the renowned surgeon Sir Alexander Ogston. The Society has a largely academic background and is aimed at providing additional surgical experience to undergraduate medical students and junior doctors. We work in partnership with The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh to provide education events in Aberdeen. Our events include surgical speciality talks by consultant surgeons, a wide array of different surgical skills workshops such a suturing, gowning and gloving, knot tying, laparascopy, cilnical surgical cases and much more. Please like our Facebook page “Ogston Surgical Society” and visit our website www.ogston.org.uk to keep up with our upcoming events!


Aberdeen University Paediatric Society (AUPS)

Laura Watson (aupsoc@gmail.com)
Aberdeen University Paediatrics Society (AUPS) is a group of medical students interested in paediatrics and child health. We hope to encourage others to explore this specialty. We aim to provide additional learning events to enhance students’ knowledge and broaden their experience in paediatrics. We also fundraise for local children’s charities. Our Paediatric Play Volunteering project enables a limited number of Year 1-3 and intercalating medical students to assist Play Therapists at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. Save a Life with AUPS teaches Save a Baby and Child’s Life workshops in the community.


Aberdeen University Wilderness Medical Society (AUWMS)

Duncan Ritchie (wildmed@abdn.ac.uk)
WMS takes you outdoors, to experience the Scottish countryside in all its glory, rain or shine! In addition to outdoor activities we hold skills sessions, scenario nights, talks and attend national conferences. Wilderness medicine encompasses mountain-top, deepest jungle and urban roadside; basically anywhere you don’t have immediate access to medical facilities. We have an interest in all aspects of pre-hospital and emergency care. Medicine in the wilderness is a totally different experience that requires far more outdoor skill and less medical knowledge. Our society is open to everyone with an interest. You could gain the knowledge to make a difference! To keep up to date with all our events please like our Facebook page “Aberdeen Wilderness Medicine”.


AU Medical Education Society

Emma Dorothy Mills (emma.d.mills.10@aberdeen.ac.uk)
MedEd aims to offer medical students the opportunity to teach students in lower years, thus compounding their own knowledge whilst at the same time gaining a strong foundation in the basic principles of teaching and learning.


Students for Global Health Aberdeen

Shahnoor Minhas Amin (medsinaberdeen@googlemail.com)
Students for Global Health Aberdeen is a branch of the student network and registered charity formerly known as Medsin, which is an organisation dedicated to tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. Students for Global Health currently have over 30 branches in universities across the UK, many nationally run activities and several national working groups alongside collaborating with numerous external partner organisations both nationally and internationally. Our vision: a fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all. Because global health truly is a local issue.


University of Aberdeen Neurological and Neurosurgical Society

Faizan Shah (aberdeenneuro@gmail.com)
The University of Aberdeen Neurological and Neurosurgical society is an academic society aiming to promote careers in neurology and neurosurgery. Through holding various workshops, we aim to give students a better knowledge of neuroanatomy and important neurological conditions. As Neurology and Neurosurgery are among the most competitive specialties to pursue, we strive to offer students opportunities to work with doctors and surgeons already in this field. As well as providing a platform for students to gain insight and experience the path to a career in neurosurgery, we intend to provide numerous teaching opportunities in order to supplement their studies. This year we hope to hold a Neurosurgical conference in Aberdeen, where we would like to invite some internationally recognised neurologists and neurosurgeons.

Barts and the London Ophthalmology Society

Sara Leddy (ha09401@qmul.ac.uk)
BL ophthalmology society was started in October 2011, with the aim of providing students with an interest in ophthalmology, exposure to this competitive medical and surgical speciality. In addition to helping to organise placements with organisations such as Unite for Sight and the Himalayan Cataract Project, we plan to host presentations by several junior and consultant ophthalmologists on career pathways in ophthalmology, operating in developing countries and neuro-ophthalmology. We also hope to help preclinical students to organise ophthalmology SSCs especially those planning to volunteer during the summer, as well as organising extra teaching by doctors from the London Vision Clinic. We plan to attend a practical skills teaching session for undergraduates interested in Ophthalmology hosted by UCL and Moorfields Eye hospital, as well as organising our own practical skills sessions for students at Barts.


Barts & The London Surgical Society

Charmilie Chandrakumar (president@blsurgical.co.uk)
We aim to educate students about Surgery and the Surgical Specialties and provide members with CV strengthening opportunities.

We regularly run:

– Surgical skills courses
– Talks from eminent surgeons
– Careers evenings
– Conferences
– Teaching sessions
– Competitions

So whether you wish to establish your surgical foundations, learn a little more about this fulfilling career or just make friends, BL Surgical Society is here to help!
Barts Sexpression

Stephanie Hanson (barts@sexpression.org.uk)
Barts Sexpression is a society dedicated to empowering young people to make informed and autonomous decisions regarding sex and relationships. We do this by providing interactive and fun sex and relationships education to young people in our local communities. These sessions are delivered by student volunteers who are trained to teach about positive relationships & self-esteem; sexually transmitted infections; contraception; and puberty.

We also aim to promote awareness about sexual health to our fellow Barts and Queen Mary students through engaging talks and the distribution of information and resources that are essential to positive sexual health.



Harry White (bartslondonclass@gmail.com)

CLASS is dedicated to helping students to learn and practise

the clinical skills. The society has 5 main aims:

– To familiarise new Barts students with the format of Barts OSCE examinations.
– To provide assistance in learning the clinical examinations by having one-to-one teaching from senior clinical students and doctors.
– By running mock OSCE weekends which try and emulate what is seen in the end of year examinations for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4.
– To provide lecture materials behind the reasoning of certain parts of each examination.
– To provide a chance for those clinical students the opportunity to become teachers, to help the younger years and enhance their own learning.

Making yourself competent in clinical skills won’t just help you do well in your exams, but it will serve you well on the path to becoming a doctor and your career thereafter! CLASS is here to help!


St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Hospitals Football Club

Dave Vedage (davevedage@hotmail.com)

SBLHFC have 5 teams and are the biggest sports club at Barts and The London Students Association. Our teams compete in the ULU (University of London Union), BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) as well UH (United Hospitals) competitions. Matches take place on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. In addition to this, we have socials and tours that take place throughout the year.


Student Assisted Medical and Dental Applications (SAMDA)

Aleesha Jethwa and Sean Zhou (barts.samda@gmail.com)
We are a student led society that works with a large number of state schools in East London, to encourage and support students applying to medicine or dentistry. Our annual activities include:

-Mentor scheme
-Mock interviews
-Medical skills workshops
-Evening with guest speakers

It is extremely rewarding in helping school students to succeed in their dreams of becoming a medical or dental student.

Birmingham University Medical Society (MedSoc)

Elliot Yates (lxf132@bham.ac.uk)
MedSoc is the combined society for Medical students, BMedScis, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dental Hygienists and Biomaterials students at the University of Birmingham. As the biggest organisation in the University (with 2500+ members) we are charged with the task of providing an outstanding, sociable, democratic and enjoyable experience, ensuring our members never forget their time with us!


Paediatrics Obstetrics Neonatology and gynaecology Society

Francesca Moore (fxm973@bham.ac.uk)
This society is part of the University of Birmingham Medical Society. We are an academic society looking to introduce students to and give students experience in the specialities of Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Neonatology and Gynaecology.


University of Birmingham Friends of MSF

Nikola Fowler (birmingham.fomsf@gmail.com)
Birmingham friends of MSF is a charity run within our medical school aimed at raising awareness and funds for the wonderful work Medecins Sans Fronteires carries out. We work in conjunction with the nationwide Friends of MSF campaign.
We hold talks by previous MSF volunteers, discussions on current health care issues and fundraising activities such as bake sales, pub quizzes and bucket shakes.


University of Birmingham Medical Society

Aruna Ekanayaka (ase878@bham.ac.uk)
Birmingham MedSoc is the society for students studying Medicine, Medical Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Biomaterial Science at the University Of Birmingham. MedSoc is run by students, and acts independently from the University’s Guild Of Students but liaise with them.

There are a wide variety of sports/charities and other societies that are set up under MedSoc to help students carry out activities outside of their studies, and are all open to students regardless of their abilities.

MedSoc also provide a number of social events throughout the year, as well as Freshers Week events and MedBall that takes place every February for over a thousand students.

We also provide support academically, with academic events such as Student Grand Rounds and revision sessions, and by electing year representatives who can gain feedback and issues from their year and feed them back to the Curriculum And Welfare sub-committee (CAWC) who are able to provide this feedback to the academic staff.


University of Birmingham Surgical Society (SurgSoc)

Piyush Sarmah (general@surgsoc.co.uk)
The University of Birmingham Surgical Society (SurgSoc) is a student-led organisation and since its inception in 2002 it has strived to achieve the following aims:

1. Promote an interest in Surgery and inspire surgeons of the future
2. Provide medical students with an insight into surgical careers and inform members on how to make themselves more competitive for a surgical career
3. Provide a link between the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Birmingham medical students (Medical Student Liaison Committee)
4. Develop links with surgeons and surgical societies across the United Kingdom
5. Supplement the current Anatomy & clinical skills curriculum at Birmingham Medical School
6. Provide social events for our members
7. Fundraise for charity

These aims are achieved via many events which include an Anatomy lecture series, OSCE Surgical Examinations Workshops, Surgical Skills sessions, a National Surgical Careers Evening, an annual trip to the Royal College of Surgeons of England and inviting renowned surgeons as guest speakers.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School Surgical Society

Joseph Michael Norris (bsmssurgicalsociety@gmail.com)
Brighton and Sussex Medical School Surgical Society is a student lead society that provides supplementary surgical teaching to students interested in a career in this field. The Society organises regular talks by surgical experts, small group anatomy and practical surgical skills sessions.


BSMS Academic Society

David McGowan (bsmsacademicsociety@gmail.com)
The Academic and Research Society of Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We aim to improve the links between our Medical School and the Hospitals and Universities in the region. We are currently setting up the society and website and will update a.s.a.p.


BSMS Cardiology Society

Matthew Hammond-Haley (bsms2867@uni.bsms.ac.uk)
BSMS Cardiology Society is a student-led society which aims to provide students with the resources to develop and enrich interests in cardiology.

Bristol Cardio Society

Georgia Connolly (bristolcardiologysociety@gmail.com)
Bristol CardioSoc is a free society for all medical students interested in cardiac areas. Through regular events such as meet the experts, mock osce’s, guest lectures’ and speakers, Bristol CardioSoc aims to inspire medical students and widen their opportunities to participate in cardiovascular medicine.


Bristol Medics Basketball (Galenicals Basketball)

James Dalgleish (bristolmedicsbasketball@gmail.com)
The Bristol Medics Basketball team comprises of medical students from all years of study within Bristol Medical School as well as those intercalating in other subjects. We meet twice each week of term time: every Sunday for training and every Saturday to compete in the inter-mural league; as well as holding regular socials for the team so they can get to know each other off the court as well as on it. Medics Basketball provides a perfect bridge between academia, sport and the social side of medicine and it allows students from different years to interact and support and advise one another. This is of particular use to the lower years when deciding on academic options such as whether to intercalate and in which subject. Bristol Medics Basketball also competes with other nearby medical schools throughout the year through a series of friendly games and tournaments, as well as medical students from the French medical school at Nantes. This provides medical students with the opportunity to meet medics from other universities and share experiences and make contacts that may be of benefit in their future careers as doctors as well as medical students. In order to hold our weekly practice at the sports hall, afford travel to other medical schools and keep running as a viable society, we rely on sponsorship and financial support from the players: which we want to reduce as much as possible so that basketball is accessible to all medical students, regardless of their financial situation. As a result, any sponsorship we receive is invaluable in promoting expansion and development of the club and encouraging medical students from different years, medical schools and backgrounds to interact and come together through the medium of sport for the benefit of their future career, fitness and social development.


Bristol University Medical Society – The Galenicals

Chinedu Umeh (president@galenicals.org.uk)
Medical students society providing sports, music, welfare and funding for new subspeciality societies.


Bristol University Psychiatry Society

Sammy Batt-Rawden (sb7467@bris.ac.uk)
The Bristol University Psychiatry Society (“BUPS”) is a relatively new enterprise. Founded by a small group of Psychiatry enthusiasts in January 2010 the society has flourished with the backing of Bristol’s Academic Unit of Psychiatry. Broadly our aims are:

1.To give students the opportunity to learn more about and become more involved in the fascinating world of Psychiatry, Psychology and Mental Health
2.To encourage medical students to consider a careers in Psychiatry
3.To campaign for improvements in the provision of student welfare that is currently offered by the university
4.To promote mental health awareness
5.To provide students with the opportunity to get involved in volunteering and campaigning in mental health

In just a year we have added nearly 200 members to our mailing list, and have another 100 on our facebook group. In addition we have held some very successful events this academic year including a Psychiatry careers evening which took the form of speed dating and a revision session for year 3 students on their Psychiatry placement which was attended by over 40 students. Most recently we hosted Professor Nutt who delivered an engaging and witty talk about drug policy to over 200 staff and students across many departments at Bristol University.

We have many plans for the coming months. In January we hope to hold a university wide campaign to promote awareness of mental health problems in the military and to raise money for the Combat Stress Appeal. We also hope to host Steve Peters, the internationally renouned Psychiatrist to the British Olympic Cycling Team, and Max Pemberton, author of Trust Me: I’m a Junior Doctor.


Galenicals Music Society

Claire Fischer (galenicalsmusic@gmail.com)
The Galenicals Music Society, founded in 2005, is run by a dedicated committee of Students spanning first to final year of Bristol Medical School. We’re affiliated with Galenicals, the Bristol Medical Students Society, who provide the majority of our funding. We hold concerts, raise money for medical charities, negotiate discounts for musicals as well as holding weekly rehearsals for the five different music groups, and are composed (excuse the pun) entirely of Medical Students.


Medsin Bristol

Medsin Bristol (medsin11.12@gmail.com)
Medsin is a network of students with an interest in health, with branches at universities across the UK. Medsin’s Activities aim to promote health as well as to act upon and educate students about health inequalities in our local and global communities. Medsin gives students the opportunity to fight the huge injustices in healthcare in the world today. Because we are part of a national charity we get involved in national campaigning, speaker events and are passionate about activism locally and globally on this issue.



SCRUBS (Bristol)

Howard Chu (howardochu@gmail.com)

Scrubs is Bristol’s Surgical Society, over the year this society has grown both in its comittee and the high quality events we now hold. Events includes our Bristol-Cardiff exchange, our National Conference for aspiring surgeons with RCSed and our numerous suturing workshops. We have developed a surgical society that offers the chance to further their surgical skills and network with working surgeons.

Cambridge Marrow

Calum Carslaw (chc63@cam.ac.uk)
Cambridge Marrow works alongside Anthony Nolan: a pioneering charity that recruits people to its stem cell register and matches potential donors with people in desperate need of a stem cell transplant. Marrow holds fundraising and recruitment events during term time and is run by student volunteers.


Cambridge Medicine Journal

Cini Bhanu (cb501@cam.ac.uk)
Our society runs the official journal for the Cambridge Clinical School. It is online journal, representing the work of medical students & is completely student run at www.cambridgemedicine.org.


Cambridge Neuroscience Society (CamBRAIN)

Antonina Kouli (ak950@cam.ac.uk)
The Cambridge Neuroscience Society (CamBRAIN) is a young-investigators’ society at the University of Cambridge with over 1000 members. We are dedicated to uniting all undergraduate, postgraduate, research assistant and post-doctoral members with an interest in neuroscience.

The major aim of CamBRAIN is to foster collaboration and communication amongst its members, appreciating the diversity of research and interests that fall under the umbrella of this rapidly expanding and exciting field. In addition to academic talks, presentations and workshops intended for personal/career development, CamBRAIN runs a series of social events which allow our members to share experiences and build successful networks.


Cambridge University Medical Society

Ali Alam (president@cambridgemedsoc.com)
Dating from 1780, Cambridge MedSoc serves the interests of over 800 preclinical medics by providing regular talks, book fairs, a termly magazine, an Annual Ball and culminating in the Annual Garden Party


Cambridge University One Health Society

Emma Simpson ( ers51@cam.ac.uk)
The Cambridge University One Health Society aims to raise awareness of ‘One Health’ issues and provide a constructive space for students, interested in ‘One Health’, to network and share viewpoints. Throughout the year we aim to host events, including panel debates and a charity garden party, drawing in students from many disciplines. In particular, we focus on creating links and promoting conversation between the medical, veterinary and natural science students, here in Cambridge.


Cambridge University Paediatrics Society (CUPS)

Chuer Zhang (cz281@cam.ac.uk)
The Cambridge University Paediatrics Society (CUPS) is run by clinical medical students, with the support of senior paediatricians at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Our regular annual events include our very successful annual conference, finals revision sessions and a series of seminars to supplement the paediatric clinical curriculum. Website: http://www.paedsoc.com/


Cambridge University Surgical Society

Benjamin Lin (bl354@cam.ac.uk)
We aim to provide Cambridge medical students with the means and encouragement to explore the surgical specialties with a view to becoming the surgeons of the future. In order to help achieve this we have a varied program of events throughout the year ranging from lectures to workshops and a full-time, student transplant surgery rota.


Hugh Cairns Surgical Society

Christian Camm (christian.camm@medschool.ox.ac.uk)
Hugh Cairns Surgical Society is in the business of promoting anything and everything surgical. Run by clinical students at Oxford Medical School this society caters both for medical students and surgical trainees within the Oxfordshire deanery. With large numbers of speaker events and surgical skills sessions a primary focus of HCSS is to take away some of the mystique surrounding surgery. This allows those with an interest in pursuing a career in surgery the opportunity to get a better understanding of the world they may be entering. Another aim of the society is to bridge the gap between students and those already on the training pathway. With many events targeted at both groups, cross-attendance is high leading to good communication and interaction between everyone involved. Along with the training aims of HCSS, we also have the goal of funding an elective student from the developing world to study in oxford to extend their surgical skills and knowledge. This is achieved through fundraising and the development of the Hugh Cairns Foundation.

Cardiff Marrow

Selen Dogan (cardiffmarrow@gmail.com)

Cardiff Marrow is a student volunteering group which recruits young people to Anthony Nolan’s bone marrow donor register, and fundraises for charity. Anthony Nolan then uses its register to match potential bone marrow donors to blood cancer patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. We train student volunteers to work at registry sessions where they inform the public about the procedures involved in peripheral blood stem cell and bone marrow donation. They then undertake one-on-one counselling sessions answering any questions individuals have before taking a saliva sample and completing the application procedure.


Cardiff Meducation

Thomas Lemon (lemonti@cf.ac.uk)

The Cardiff branch of the Meducation website – involved in peer teaching through resource sharing online and activities on campus.

Dundee Emergency and Critical Care Society

Lydia Robb (deccs@dundee.ac.uk)
DECCS is a society ran by students in Dundee Medical school aiming to better equip students with emergency and first aid situations. We aim to have many fun and educational events to improve student knowledge and practical skills in acute care, anaesthetics and emergency medicine. Last year we had a student ran conference called the ‘ER Weekend’ were we had special interest lectures and practical stations, an ABCDE night, a lecture series, ran a first aid course with St Andrew’s Ambulance and also a pub quiz. This year we intend to hold similar events and more!


Dundee University Medical Education Society

Kirsty Sneddon (DUMES@dundee.ac.uk)
Dundee University Medical Education Society (DUMES) is led by current medical students and aims to increase awareness of medical education and academic medicine at undergraduate level. We aim to provide opportunities for students to become involved in education, gain experience and improve skills needed for training medical students.


Dundee University Medical School Psychiatry Society

Eilidh G M Gunn (egmgunn@dundee.ac.uk)
Dundee University Medical School Psychiatry Society has been operational since 2008. It is completely student run but with support from both University affiliated and NHS Tayside Psychiatrists. Our aim is primarily to generate interest in this sometimes overlooked speciality and also to make students aware of how clinically relevant a basic knowledge of psychiatric illness across all specialities. We aim to achieve this session by running joint events with other student led societies. We run annual revision sessions and OSCE practices and our connected to the Royal College of Psychiatrists with our society being represented on a Socttish Level at the quarterly meetings in Edinburgh. We are also in the process of establishing a link with a budding psychiatry society in Malawi and making more SSCs and elective opportunities in Psychiatry accessible at UoD.


Dundee University Surgical Society (DUSS)

Ellie Frances Scott-Gray (DUSS@dundee.ac.uk)
DUSS is consistently one of largest and most popular societies in the medical school. We welcome all students, from those with no surgical experience to those who have had a long-standing interest in a surgical speciality. We run numerous events throughout the year with the aim of increasing student engagement with the surgical specialities. These range from our weekly basic skills courses, to monthly lunch-time lectures, careers nights, and the annual surgical conference.


Dundee Wilderness & Expedition Society (WEMS)

Alistair Cowie (wems@dundee.ac.uk)
Dundee WEMS is dedicated to furthering students’ interests in wilderness medicine, combining clinical teaching in pre-hospital medicine and retrieval with learning wilderness survival skills. Throughout the year we run weekend hikes and wilderness skills sessions, along with clinical teaching sessions, movie nights, and orienteering challenges. We also train and enter student teams for the national Wild Trials wilderness medicine competition. Whether you want to join an expedition, learn to splint a leg with hiking poles, start a fire without matches, navigate in a blizzard, or manage polytrauma up a mountain, WEMS has something to offer every medical student interested in the outdoors.


One Water Dundee

John-Bruce Fyfe (OneWaterdundee@gmail.com)
One Water is a charity group that promotes and distributes the products of the One Foundation. The One Water product, a bottled water, is sold around the city and supplied by our society. The One Foundation donates 100% of profits from One Water products to building play pumps (unique water pumps) in sub-Tanzanian Africa. The Society, founded in 2011 and originally a branch of MEDSIN, comprises of Medical students and a few business students as consults.


Student Medical Research Society Dundee

Katie Linden (k.linden@dundee.ac.uk)
We are a medical student society catering for students interested in research and academia. We run a monthly journal club and provide speakers of interest at selected meetings. Throughout the academic year we hold several student research conferences offering some students a platform to present their work and others the opportunity to hear what their peers are doing.


University of Dundee Medical Research Society

Rachel Dickinson (medchir@hotmail.com)
The Medical-Chirurgical (MedChir) Society of Glasgow University aim to provide academic and social opportunities for the entire Medical School. Every year we hold events ranging from Pub Quiz nights, to our annual ball, to our hugely successful Beer and Curry Neuro Skills Evening. We hope to provide students with a means to interact together, with older students and with members of staff/doctors. We also try to help students with the course as much as possible by organising revision nights such as practice OSCEs.

Art in the Community Edinburgh

Vikey Mahler (ace.edinburgh.society@gmail.com)
Fancy getting involved in art projects in the Edinburgh community? We run art workshops in care homes, with disabled adults and children, and in schools. If you fancy helping the community while getting some great experience, and have fun doing it then we are the society for you! All we need is enthusiasm and a passion for working and volunteering with others. Interest and ability in art are simply a bonus.



Prasad Velu (www.facebook.com/academictraininginundergraduatemedicine)
ATRIUM was established in 2008 by a group of undergraduate medical students at the University of Edinburgh interested in Academic Medicine and promoting this training pathway.

The aims of ATRIUM include:
1. Encourage the personal and professional development of medical students interested in academic medicine by providing interactive educational events aimed at developing skills which are relevant to academic medicine.
2. Provide information and support to medical students who are applying for early post-graduate training in academic medicine by making information about Academic Foundation Programmes available on our website and by holding an information evening about careers in academic medicine. We will also be involving junior medical students where important decisions, such as intercalated degree, may influence their interest in academic medicine.
3. Raise awareness of academic medicine and the opportunities available to those who would not otherwise consider this career pathway by providing regular events that emphasise the relevance of research to clinical practice. These events will be advertised to the entire medical student community at the University of Edinburgh and are open to all such students.
4. Encourage collaboration amongst medical students interested in academic medicine through educational events which involve small-group collaborative activities.

These aims are acheived by the organisation of Interactive Workshops, Journal Clubs and an annual National Undergraduate Conference. All activities are free and open to all medicals students, regardless of their level and institution of learning.


Edinburgh Dermatology Society

Markus Chan (eudermsoc@gmail.com)
We are a student society based in the University of Edinburgh with the aim to foster interest in the field of Dermatology, and to encourage students to consider a career in this specialty. To this end, we host tutorials and general interest talks on Dermatology and its related fields. We also have a Facebook group and website, where more information about the society and our events can be found. These may be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Edinburgh-University-Dermatology-Society-EUDermSoc-148679288877950/ and https://eudermsoc.wordpress.com/, respectively. Though we are primarily a student society, we are open to members of the public as well. We hope to hear from you soon!


Edinburgh Medics Hockey

Angharad Campbell (www.facebook.com/groups/35251839234)
Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Medics’ Hockey Club. We are a mixed club, for medics of all ages and abilities. We play in the University’s Intra-mural league, go on tour to other Medical Schools throughout the UK and invite other teams up to Edinburgh for weekends of merriment. The highlight of the club’s year is always NAMS. The National Association of Medical Schools’ Annual Hockey Tournament is always a brilliant weekend. Everyone is welcome to come along no matter how much or how little hockey you have played, if you don’t have a stick or shinpads we have some spares, just bring yourself, good chat and a cheery smile (maybe a gumshield unless you are hardcore). Freshers are highly recommended to attend for oodles of fun. Weekly meetings at 5.00pm on Tuesday evenings at Peffermill.


Edinburgh Student Surgical Society

Edinburgh Student Surgical Society (joinus.esss@gmail.com)
The Edinburgh Student Surgical Society is an undergraduate-run organisation that offers medical students additional education, experience and opportunities in all aspects of surgery. We hold regular lectures, workshops and clinical skills teaching and one of the highlights of our year is the National Trauma Conference held every March. We hold many tutorials over the course of the academic year. These include revision tutorials for year 3 and year 4 as well as suturing and surgical skills tutorials for all members of the society. We also hold a final revision session in advance of final exams. We have an active website, which includes our newsletter, a gallery, competitions and details of our sponsorship. We also have a page dedicated to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, who provide us with invaluable support. In addition, we are developing our alumni connections for careers advice and teaching opportunities.


Edinburgh University Medics Basketball

Fraser Barbour (www.facebook.com/groups/106437712757348)
Welcome to Edinburgh University Medics Basketball. We are a mixed basketball group consisting of medical students from the University of Edinburgh.


Edinburgh University Medics RFC

Rory Thompson (https://secure.pitchero.com/clubs/edinburghuniversitymedicsrfc/contact/contact-official-35298)
Welcome to EUMRFC. We are a rugby team consisting of medical students from the University of Edinburgh.


Edinburgh University Neurological Society

Charlotte Squires (c.e.squires@sms.ed.ac.uk)
We are a group of student with a special interest in all things neurological, and over our first year of running have organised a host of specialist lectures, journal clubs, and seminars across a wide range of subject, from neuropathology, to sleep medicine, and neurosurgery. We aim to have a mixture of clinically based, and more research focussed sessions and have drawn decent audiences to our talks from both within the medical school, and other areas of the university. We have worked in conjunction with Edinburgh Neuroscience and Inspace to have showings of neuroscience themed films, which are open to the public.


Edinburgh University Patient Outreach Project

Charlotte Squires (c.e.squires@sms.ed.ac.uk)
Patient Outreach Project is a volunteering society which sends members to hospitals in Edinburgh to chat to elderly patients who, for a variety of reasons, receive few visitors and spend a great deal of time alone. We visit the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, the Western General and Liberton Hospital. We have regular socials such as pub quizzes to get to know each other and fundraising events. We are excited about expanding our reach and collaborating with other societies. POP actively recruits students from all backgrounds and offers training (not compulsory) to ensure all are confident in the hospital setting.


Edinburgh University Trauma & Orthopaedic Society (EUTOS)

Scott Osborne (euorthosoc@gmail.com)
We are a student-led society who provide a hub for students and foundation doctors with an interest in trauma and orthopaedics. The society is now in its 4th year, and in that time we have formed close ties with the University of Edinburgh Orthopaedic Research Department, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Trauma and Orthopaedics Department, and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. From 2014 we have provided regular lectures, career talks, tutorials and workshops, as well as an annual undergraduate conference.


Edinburgh Youth Stop AIDS Society
Part of a nationwide campaign for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support worldwide. We also work to increase awareness, to tackle stigma and discrimination, and to raise support around important sexual health issues in the UK. By raising awareness, political lobbying, public engagement and corporate action, the Youth Stop AIDS campaign aims to bring an end to the injustice of HIV/AIDS by ensuring the government, businesses and the rest of the developed world lives up to their promises to deliver universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. As well as our weekly meetings, we run a variety of different events on and off Edinburgh’s university campus, work closely with other sector organisations and take part in a variety of important HIV and AIDS related campaigns. Anyone is welcome to come along and get involved by attending our meetings or simply coming along to some of our events. We also welcome members who perhaps can’t make the meetings every week but would like to come and get involved with our campaigns. Feel free to email us for more information or find us at https://www.facebook.com/EUSSAS/. We hope to see you soon, and to work to end AIDS by 2030!


Royal Medical Society

Emma Chang (enquiries@royalmedical.co.uk)
The Royal Medical Society is the MedSoc of the University of Edinburgh, run by medical students for medical students. The history of the Royal Medical Society traces the development of almost three hundred years of modern medical thought and teaching, and these values are carried on today in its educational and social activities. The RMS hosts a number of talks, tutorials and social events throughout the year. Our premises are located in Potterrow in Bristo Square and contain our computer room, medical library, clinical skills resource room, lecture theatre and lounge. Members have 24-hour access to these facilities mid-week and access from 8am to midnight at the weekends. We also facilitate the activities of other medical societies.


Teddy Bear Hospital Edinburgh

Hannah McManus (s1308019@sms.ed.ac.uk)
Our society is a student-run charity that visits local schools and clubs in Edinburgh to teach children between the ages of 5-8 about their health and wellbeing through fun games and making their unwell teddies feel better!


University of Edinburgh Global Health Society

Sally McKerron (edinghs@gmail.com)
The University of Edinburgh Global Health Society aims to achieve an understanding of the global picture of health, from epidemiological trends to social determinants and cultural perceptions of health in different societies all over the world. To this end, we hold an array of events throughout the year. We host key speakers in the field, screen thought-provoking documentaries and hold journal clubs, amongst other events. We also provide a platform for students to share their own experiences in the field of global health through our highly successful student project evenings. We are the proud owners of the newly PubMed listed, peer reviewed, open access Journal of Global Health. As such, we offer our members a unique insight into the extremely interesting field of scientific journalism. We welcome students and non-students of all backgrounds and fields of study. We believe that the solution to the major international health problems can only be found with an interdisciplinary approach.


University of Edinburgh Medics Squash

Duncan McLean (www.facebook.com/groups/1578120482433684)W
elcome to Edinburgh Medics Squash, a fun group consisting of medical students from the University of Edinburgh.

Exeter Medical Society (Part of Peninsula Medical School)

Hannah Bowell (hannah.bowell@students.pcmd.ac.uk)
Exeter Med Soc provides a wide range of activities and events for all five years of Peninsula medical school students based at the Exeter Campus. As well as supporting sports teams, throwing numerous socials, hosting a winter ball and trips to local cultural events. We are hoping this year to have a greater academic reach and involve students from older years running small workshops. A number of events thrown are in order to raise money for charity with our main cause being Shelo Orphanage this year, as well as a number of other local projects.


Exeter Surgical Society

Abdul Gomaa (abdul-rahman.gomaa@students.pcmd.ac.uk)
Established in 2012, Exeter Surgical Society is an academic society that aims to bring extra surgical teaching and experience to students of all years. Whether you’re a budding surgeon or just keen for extra teaching, our society has something for you! We currently have over 200 members and represent one of the largest academic societies at the University of Exeter! This year alone, ExeSS has provided over 80 lectures and micro-teaches, covering topics ranging from chronic ophthalmic conditions to the anatomy of the cerebral  circulation! We have a driven and enthusiastic committee with a proven track record, and extensive experience of society operations. Our society is also backed by a number of leading clinicians and surgeons at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital and surrounding deaneries.

Glasgow Anaesthetics Society

Nicole Mooney (gems.student@googlemail.com)
GAS is a student-run society that will be organising lectures and skills evenings thoughout the year for those interested in anaesthetics and critical care.


Glasgow Clinical Anatomy Society

Nicole Mooney (gems.student@googlemail.com)
GUCAS strives to help out the students of Glasgow University medical school with clinical anatomy knowledge and experience. We run revision sessions annually for each year group covering clinical anatomy material required for exams and practice. These sessions are run and taught by fellow medical students, which we have had fantastic feedback about. It is great for those attending to have information delivered by peers in a way that they can grasp and also for the volunteer teachers for their own learning and for teaching experience. We also aim to raise awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of anatomy within the undergraduate medical course. This includes running an anatomy colouring competition and offering elective prizes, as well as acting as a place for information and directing to further contacts, courses or opportunities.


University of Glasgow ENT society


Society for all students interested in pursuing a career in Ear, Nose and Throat medicine in the future! We are also Glasgow’s representative student body in the European Medical Students’ Association!


Glasgow Evidence-based Medicine Society

Ciaran Groome www.glasgowanaesthetics.com
The Glasgow Evidence-based Medicine Society (GEMS) is a medical student orientated peer-assisted learning group at the University of Glasgow for all junior medical trainees. The society runs workshops series, a journal club, a mentorship programme and talks from current academics with the aim of developing and promoting evidence based medicine, research skills and academia within the University.


Glasgow Neuro Society

Michael Helley (Glasgow.straight.talk@gmail.com)
We are a student-led group that exists to provide opportunities for undergraduate medical students, as well as postgraduate junior clinicians, with a special interest in the nervous system to: – improve their knowledge and understanding of the nervous system – allow them to share their interest with fellow students and clinicians – help them pursue a career in the neuro specialty.


Glasgow Straight Talk

Stuart Guthrie (Glasgow.straight.talk@gmail.com)
Glasgow Straight Talk (GST) is a new student body from the University of Glasgow which aims to work with charities in developing nations on sustainable projects for the promotion of positive sexual and reproductive health messages.


Glasgow University Cardiovascular Society (GUCVS)

Angela Boal (gucardiovascular@googlemail.com)
The Glasgow University Cardiovascular Society (GUCVS) is a student organisation that aims to promote interest and participation in Cardiovascular Medicine at the University.


Glasgow University Emergency Medicine Society

The Glasgow University Emergency Society is a student body based at the Medical School at the University of Glasgow. Our main aim is to supplement the emergency training in the undergraduate medical curriculum by providing tailored educational opportunities and an annual national conference to equip medical undergraduates with the skills they would need to manage the medical and surgical emergencies that they will face during their early careers.


Glasgow University Gastro Society

Glasgow University Gastro Society is a new society aimed at promoting interest in gastroenterology as a career! Throughout the year events will be held such as career information nights, guest speakers, fundraising events for a chosen gastro charity and revision evenings for all years. Whether you’ve considered gastroenterology as a speciality already, or have no idea what it’s about, come along and get to know us – we’ll be holding regular social events and activities and it’ll be a great opportunity for those with similar interests to get to know one another.


Glasgow University General Practice Society (GUGPS)

“The family doctor practises the broadest specialty in medicine”. GUGPS aims to provide information and education about the specialty of general practice.


Glasgow University Paediatrics Society

Jane Hamilton (gupaediatricssociety@gmail.com)
Raising awareness of Paediatrics as a career and putting on events and conferences for medical students at Glasgow and beyond.



Glasgow University Surgical Society

Sadaf Sohrabi (gusurgicalsociety@googlemail.com)
The Glasgow University Surgical Society (GUSS) is a proud organisation that encourages and facilitates undergraduate interest in surgery. Through our monthly events we offer our members the opportunity to explore the 10 subspecialties of surgery, regularly meet leading surgeons, revise key surgical learning objectives, learn basic surgical skills and even take part in teaching. With years of hard work and the support of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG) our annual undergraduate conference has become a roaring success. We at GUSS are delighted to be able to offer support to all students at every stage of training all year round, so whether you’re looking for a dummies’ guide to surgery or specific career pathway advice we are always here to help!


Street Doctors Glasgow

Sadaf Sohrabi (glasgow@streetdoctors.org)
Street Doctors has a volunteer network of over 300 people across medical schools in the UK. Glasgow is the first city in Scotland to which Street Doctors is expanding, and we are excited to see what work can be done. We will be teaching in youth offending units, prisons and detention centres to offer young people at risk basic training in the immediate management of traumatic injuries. We aim to do this in a fun, engaging and practical way.

The vision is to educate and empower young people to know how to handle emergency situations and hopefully provide a platform into further education within the healthcare sphere.


University of Glasgow Oncology Society

Sadaf Sohrabi (oncologysocietyglasgow@gmail.com)
We aim to bring together people with an interest in combatting cancer whether it be in the lab, clinic or community. We run specialist talks, revision events and journal clubs. Contact:

Medical Ethics and Philosophy Society

Meeriam Kadicheeni (hymk3@hyms.ac.uk)
Hull York Medical School Medical Ethics and Philosophy Society. An opportunity to engage students in an important aspect of their medical careers, both in medical school and beyond. We are interested events, debates and forums on varied topics.


HYMS Surgical Society

Saranya Thurairatnam (hyst2@hyms.ac.uk)
It is a society to promote a career in surgery for students of Hull York Medical School. We arrange surgical related workshops, talks, trips, social events and even organise the HYMS Prize Night, which is a yearly national competition accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.


Medsin York

Ying Sun (hyys@hyms.ac.uk)
Medsin at York part of the wider medical student network tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. As a registered charity we fundraise and hold talks on current issues.

ICSM Vision

Sophie Jenkins (sophie.jenkins06@imperial.ac.uk)
ICSM Vision is a student run outreach scheme to encourage widening participation in medicine. Founded in 2007, Vision aims to inspire and motivate potential applicants from non-typical backgrounds, providing an insight into medicine and guidance on the application process. We run a range of events throughout the year, including two Vision Conferences and a Roadshow programe, with our focus on state schools in the North West London area.


(ICSM = Imperial College School of Medicine)


Imperial College Paediatrics Society

Kristi Sun (kristi.sun12@imperial.ac.uk)

The Society aims to promote and increase exposure to the field of Paediatrics during medical school as well as providing the relevant support, information and advice to those interested in Paediatrics as a future career. This is achieved via various methods, such as our annual Careers Evening, offering research opportunities to students and perhaps the most exciting and appealing of all, our Paediatrics Student Play Team, a new student-led scheme that offers students the opportunity to help improve the care of children through play during their stay in hospital. Training weekends are organized throughout the year to provide volunteers with the adequate training and experience in interacting with children, responding to a variety of situations and to raise awareness of various health and safety issues.


Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM) Surgical Society

Ryan Chin Cheong ( President ) (ryan.cheong@gmail.com)
ICSM Surgical Society is dedicated to connecting medical students to the surgical specialties via conferences, workshops and lectures. They were awarded the President’s Award in 2008 for outstanding performance as a student society at Imperial College. They organize events such as the International Undergraduate Trauma Conference which hosts international students from 15 countries. The Technology in Medicine and Surgery Conference which promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration to solve medical problems.The Anatomy Series and Basic Surgical Skills course for undergraduates.


Imperial College Surgical Society

Kush Bhatt (icsmss@ic.ac.uk)
ICSM Surgical Society is a student run society which focuses on Surgical Education. We host a series of events throughout the year ranging from International Conferences, Revision Sessions, Surgical Simulations, Lectures as well as Surgical Skills courses based on the Royal College of Surgeons training for doctors. The society has been running for many years now and has grown in strength over that time. We now are host to many alumni and internationally renowned patrons such as Professor Lord Darzi and Professor Boffard from South Africa.


Imperial College Tropical Medicine Society

Maaz Sadiq (maaz.sadiq08@imperial.ac.uk)
TropMed Soc aims to keep students aware of Tropical Medicine & International Health, fields of medicine not often discussed at medical school, and to inform them on how they as students can get involved in medicine abroad. Students often think they won’t encounter Tropical Medicine and thus may discount it from their studies – we aim to dispel this image of TropMed. In today’s modern cosmopolitan societies, tropical medicine is relevant to all clinicians!

Events in 2011/2012:
· Electives Evening: How to organise your elective (tropical or otherwise!)
· Immunology, Infectious diseases and Microbiology tutorials
· TropMed Spring Conference: MEDICINE ON THE EDGE
· Summer Med-volunteering projects Evening: Getting clinical experience abroad



Alexandra Ho (info@outpatients.org.uk)
“Outpatients” is an innovative, not-for-profit, co-operative of patients, medical students and doctors based at Imperial College London. Together, we organise training courses where medical students examine real patients under the supervision of experienced doctors. We recognise that medicine is not just a science but an art. Studentsmust gain experience assessing and interacting with real patients, in addition to their conventional textbook based learning.

HIVE Keele

Victoria Walton(soc.hive@keele.ac.uk)
Providing HIV education to 11-18 year olds in the Staffordshire area.



Sarah Wilkins(medicine.medpathevents@keele.ac.uk)
MedPath is a student run society that works closely with Keele Medical School to inspire school students from the local area to pursue a career in medicine. We work mainly with students from a Widening Participation background and put on sessions both in their schools and at Keele. These are normally school students who do not believe they can become Doctors due to their family background, due to their financial circumstances and because no one they know has attempted to pursue a career in medicine. The sessions are planned and run by medical students from all 5 years and involve fun and engaging practical sessions based loosely around PBL cases allowing the school students a taste of what its like to be a medical student whilst learning life skills like BLS, as well as also helping explain the application process to medical school and to alleviate some of the uncertainty.


Keele GP Society

Rachel Garnett and Stuart Booth(keelegpsociety@gmail.com)
Keele GP Society promotes General Practice within the medical school, and offers more exposure to an exciting area of Medicine. We provide teaching sessions on topics frequently met in this speciality, such as sexual health, and educate students about the career, holding events such as GP Careers Speed Dating Event, where GPs with different special interests and academic GPs spoke to students and answered their questions. We also provide support to all years, having held an Introduction to Clinical Years evening, and mock OSCEs for Year


Keele Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society

Maryam Ali(v6y11@students.keele.ac.uk)
KOGS aims to provide Keele students with interesting talks and events centred around a career in O&G. We also have links to BUSOG, a national society for undergraduate students interested in O&G, allowing our students to network with students and clinicians from around the UK. Our past events have included:

– Talks on many aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from experienced clinicians
– Junior doctors’ perspectives on getting on the training programme and preparing for a career in O&G
– Case presentations from senior medical students
– Getting hands on in practical classes
– Knowledge/OSCE teaching sessions for clinical years


Keele Paedeatrics Society

Fatemeh Moussavi(soc.paediatrics@keele.ac.uk)
The society aims to host talks and sessions from those currently working in the field, providing vital information to help develop your knowledge and portfolio, as well as providing an insight into the realities of a career in paediatrics. Skills based sessions on the initial management of a seriously ill children and paediatric CPR will also be on offer.


Keele Physicians Society

Emma Hockey(keeleuniversityphysicians@gmail.com)
Our society was set up this year and we have held several events; We had a ”Physicians Careers Roadshow” in November followed by monthly case presentations specialising in particular topics. These talks are led by students to encourage presenting in a friendly atmosphere. There is also a consultant there in order to answer questions and generally speak about what inspires them in their specialty. In the past year we have had topics on Cardiology, Rheumatology, Repsiratory, Endocrine, Genitourinary, Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases. We hope to cover some new topics next year! We have also organised mock OSCE sessions for 3rd and 4th year students to help prepare for upcoming exams.


Teddy Bear Hospital

Pamela Sturges(soc.teddybearhospital@keele.ac.uk)
Teddy Bear Hospital is a society formed by healthcare student volunteers studying medicine, nursing or midwifery. All our volunteers are therefore DBS checked and if they come from outside of the healthcare courses we keep a record to make sure all have an active DBS. We run a free educational programme aiming to educate young people on health and increase theirawareness of the health sector.
This year our programme is branching into two schemes. The original Teddy Bear Hospital scheme is still being run for children in reception or year one. In this scheme we set up stations for the children, each focusing on a different aspect of health, including first aid, surgery and hospital visits. Small groups of children rotate around the stations with their teddy bears, practicing their new skills as they go.

KCL Cardiology Society

Faizal Pathan (faizal.pathan@kcl.ac.uk)
We are a student-led society representing medical students on the KCL Extended Medical Degree Programme. The Cardiology Society (CardioSoc) is dedicated to providing students with a variety of activities throughout the year that would appeal to both medics and non-medics. Some of these include stimulating and thought provoking talks, volunteering opportunities in the community (local primary schools and adult community centres), social events (film showings, valentines day special), fundraising charity events and fundraising opportunities for members, and a storm of clinical revision sessions (ECG & CXR teaching, patient educator sessions, peer led tutoring, mock clinical examinations).


KCL Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society

Sejal Modasia (kclobg@gmail.com)

KCL O&G Society is one of King’s most popular medical societies. This year our aim is to stimulate and support the interests of students through clinical skills sessions and a variety of talks. We are particularly well known for our mock OSCEs, and revision sessions supporting the medical curriculum. We have received outstanding feedback year after year for these sessions. We do, however, strive to be inclusive as possible and do not limit our talks/sessions just to medics. There really is something for everyone from discussions on Female Genital Cutting and The History of Reproductive Surgery, to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The committee is made up of nine medical students across all years of the medical school; pre-clinical, clinical and intercalating Msc and Bsc students. Please get in touch with us if you would like to get involved!


KCL Paediatrics Society

Rani (getinvolved@kclapediatrics.com)
The King’s College Paediatric society is one of the largest and most
active societies at King’s.

We have a number of volunteering and academic projects including:
-Bedside play project
( King’s college hospital and Evelina Children’s hospital)
– Teddy Bear hospital
– Save a babies life
– In our eyes’
– Paediatric Summer school
– Medical Research projects
– International Projects
– Peckham youth buddies


KCL EMDP Society

Faizal Pathan (faizal.pathan@kcl.ac.uk)
We are a student-led society representing medical students on the KCL Extended Medical Degree Programme. EMDP Soc is open to all students and works towards bringing together medics as well as others from any curriculum and any department. We aim to provide our members with fun social events, such as day trips to theme parks, beaches, paintballing, ice skating, celebration evenings and many more. We support students by providing mentoring between seniors and freshers, revision lessons and general peer support.

A fun and enriching student activity group!


KCL Medical School Women’s Football Club (KCLMS WFC)

Sarah Wedmore (sarah.wedmore@kcl.ac.uk)
King’s College London Medical School Women’s Football Club (KCLMS WFC) are a large club with over 50 members with two teams, training twice a week and playing several matches each week against other university teams.

Achievements in prestigious competitions:
-University of London Union (ULU) League and Cup – our first team have won the cup twice in the last 4 years.
-We compete in the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) League
-The annual National Associations of Medical Schools (NAMS) Tournament – we have been runners-up for the last 2 out of 3 tournaments.
-The Women’s United Hospitals Cup – we won last year

This Women’s Football Club has a great sense of community amongst the medical students, allowing them a relaxing break from studying, and providing a supportive environment for students of different years to advise each other on all aspects of the course at KCL.


KCL Surgical Society

CHARLOTTE O\’KANE (kclsurgicalsociety@gmail.com)
KCL surgical society is one of the most popular societies within Kings College London. We are extremely popular with medical students from all years and junior doctors alike. Established 10 years ago, the Surgical Society is at the forefront of university life with a reputation as one of the leading societies of the university. We currently boast over 100 paid members and a mailing list of over 1500 medical students and junior doctors with more joining regularly. The Surgical Society prides itself on organising relevant and exciting events for its members. In recent years, events such as the basic suturing course, women in surgery talks and careers evenings have been hugely popular with our students. One such event is our annual talk with the legendary Professor Ellis. Our most exciting event is our annual “Trauma Conference” – a daylong conference which attracts medical students (from all years – including many final years) from across England. We regularly have expert speakers who are leaders in their field as well as workshops and skills sessions to give students a real insight into the world of trauma and surgery. Some examples of the workshops we run are airway management, vascular control and ATLS.

We currently have a committee of around 11 members including dedicated marketing, IT and event organisers.


KCL Wilderness Medicine Society

Catherine Chatfield (kclwms@googlemail.com)
KCL Wilderness Medicine Society is about medicine and research in places where others won’t go…. that could be altitude, space, the polar regions, the jungle or disaster zones, amongst many others. The society is for anyone with an interest in the wilderness, not just science and medicine students. In 2010, we have heard from an A&E doctor who spent 6 months in Antarctica, along with a final year KCL medic who skiied to the South Pole, an Everest summiteer, and from the patron of our society, Mr Jonathan Kaplan, a surgeon who works exclusively in war and disaster zones. We have also been on mountain rescue weekends to the Lake District, and are arranging for members of our society to be certified in wilderness medicine. You won’t get much exposure to this as part of your course, so joining our society is a perfect way to meet like-minded people and hear about and experience some of the extremes of medicine and physiology.

UCLan Medical Society

El Mahdi Darbi (medicalsociety@uclan.ac.uk)
We aim to provide a home away from home for all students on the MBBS course. We do realise how difficult it can be to settle into university life onto such a demanding course. We provide all our members with the opportunity to attend several trips/events throughout the year. We also support our members nevertheless of their backgrounds. UCLan Medical Society is not like any other society, we are not only members of one group we are also a family.

Lancaster Academic Medicine and Research Society

Jon Macaroglu (lamars1578@gmail.com)
Lancaster Academic Medicine and Research Society (LAMARS) founded in 2013 is a student led initiative aimed at fostering medical research and raising awareness about the careers in academic medicine amongst Lancaster University students. LAMARS also aims to provide inspiration, information and a range of opportunities for medical students interested in academic medicine by organizing various educational events, which will help students develop skills relevant to academic medicine and research.


Lancaster Anaesthesia and Acute Medicine Society

Abdallah Khalil (aamlancaster@gmail.com)
Our society is newly set up, aimed at everyone interested in a career in Anaesthesia and related specialties. We already have planned trips to the RSM and an airway management skills day, with future plans for talks and teaching sessions.


Lancaster Medsin

Justine Milward (lancaster@medsin.org)
A non-profit, Global Health Society branch of Medsin, based at Lancaster University. Our goal is to initiate thoughtful discussion on Global and National Health Inequities and raise awareness and money for global health campaigns. We are always looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to help with events and the running of the society. We are open to all students at Lancaster University, regardless of course.


Lancaster Medsoc

Eloise Dexter (lancastermedsoc@gmail.com)
Medsoc is here to offer you support with everything from mock OSCE’s to fun and crazy nights. We are proud to host charity evenings and in general be a supportive group to welcome everyone


Lancaster Psychiatry Society

From the starting point of common concern this society is BRAND NEW with an unofficial mandate of spreading the news, information, tips and positive vibes in the hope of promoting awareness and sensitivity towards mental health. Mental health problems are extremely widespread and manifest themselves in a great many ways, just as everyone is different, so are our minds. We pride ourselves on being open, friendly and supportive – all qualities we hope our members will help to spread! If you are interested in mental health as a collection of various conditions and phenomena, including a wide variety of symptoms, or looking to meet like-minded people then sign up and get involved. We’re planning all manner of activities and events, aimed towards ridding Lancaster of stigma and misunderstanding of such a common hindrance as mental health difficulties. Join us now to discover the misrepresented, sprawling and fascinating world of both the cerebral and the sensational as we together aspire to learn more, understand each other, and to build a warm, encouraging community.


Lancaster University Peer Assisted Learning Society

Fatimah Khoda & JoJo Heyworth (pals.lancaster@yahoo.co.uk)
Lancaster University Peer Assisted Learning Society (LUPALS) is a society set up by a group of Lancaster Medics in 2013. The society aims to provide teaching between year groups on a regular basis. Having experienced the first few years of medical school, senior students know the level of detail that is expected of the younger students, and will therefore be able to help them with their learning. For the peer teachers, having this experience is invaluable in medicine given that all doctors are expected to be involved in teaching. LUPALS will give the opportunity to teachers to reinforce their own learning, and will be a great addition to a CV or portfolio.


Lancaster University Medical Ethics Society

Zachary Thomas (lancastermedicalethicssociety@gmail.com)
Lancaster University Medical Ethics Society gives medical students the opportunity to participate in significant debates and discussions during an important chapter in their careers, through the organisation of events and forums in a variety of topics.


Lancaster University Wilderness Medicine Society

Dan Dry (luwildernessmedicine@gmail.com)
The society was set up in late 2011, and we have been expanding ever since. We’re always looking for new members, and anyone is welcome to join.

What is Wilderness Medicine?
Some of you may be wondering exactly what wilderness medicine includes… It’s underlying principle is that of giving medical care where formal help isn’t immediately available and includes topics such as Mountain medicine, expedition medicine, tropical medicine, disaster relief, humanitarian aid and extreme-environment medicine (desert, polar, sub-aquatic, high-altitude, space).

What does the society do?
We organise a number of events throughout the year, including talks by visiting speakers, training days, wilderness weekends away and much more!

Who is the society for?
Anyone can join the society, and it may be of particular interest to those who enjoy the outdoors and want to learn more about wilderness medicine.


Richard Owen Surgical Society

We aim to promote interest and access into surgical specialities for all medical students and junior doctors in the Lancaster and Barrow area. The society is called the Richard Owen Surgical Society – named after a 19th century local Lancastrian surgeon and anatomist. We hope to run lots of surgical related events throughout the year including revision lectures, conferences, careers advice and lots of opportunities for networking with the local surgeons.


Lancaster Marrow

Sumaiyah Hudah (lancaster@ukmarrow.org)
Marrow is a UK Student-led organisation that works in collaboration with Anthony Nolan to help recruit potential marrow donors on to the Stem Cell Register. We organise donor recruitment clinics in the university and out in the community, and attempt to raise lots of money to keep the charity going. Donor recruitment events are entirely student run; from welcoming to counselling potential donors and taking saliva samples. We also run fundraising events.

Cutting Edge

TEJAL PAREKH (um07tp@leeds.ac.uk)
Cutting Edge Leeds Surgical society provides an indepth insight into surgery for medical students and doctors. The society has evolved from appealing to fresh-faced medical students to doctors, surgeons and dentists whom are all loyal members of the society. The aim of this society is to provide students and doctors with support, guidance and exposure within aspects of surgery. Our society offers free exam revision classes, insightful lectures histed by inspirational surgeons, conferences, mentoring scheme, transplant rotas and many many more. Each year our aim is to exceed the expectations of members and act upon the feedback we receive from events to improve the quality of standards we offer to our members. The society is an informal, approachable and supportuive platform for doctors and students to pursue their interests in surgery.


Leeds Medical School Magazine ‘REGURG’

Stephanie Harrison (regurg_magazine@hotmail.com)
Regurg is a free non-for-profit magazine written by students for students! The editing team encourage students can submit articles as and when they have the time; this allows students from older years to get involved in medical journalisms even as their study commitments increase. We publish a broad range of articles including reflections on placement/ elective experiences, tips for exams/revision skills, advice from lecturers themselves, and much more. The magazine printing costs are paid for by generous sponsorship from partner organisations, who in the past have also offered discounts and free books/ vouchers to our readers! In the previous academic year (2012 – 13) we launched our first online edition; and this year we have bigger plans to increase our readership by involving the dental and nursing students to get involved in writing for the magazine!


Leeds Medics and Dentists Hockey Club

Leanne Royle (um08lr@leeds.ac.uk)
We are a mixed hockey club of all standards and have 3 teams. We enter the yorkshire league mixed hockey, NAMS league and our university intramural on Sundays. We train once a week where we have had up to 50 players turn up. Myself and my co-captains take the 2 hour training session and usually split into standards and all join together at the end. We also have fitness sessions which involve circuits, step training and spinning classes once a week. We have social events throughout the year including summer and Christmas meal (our most prestigious events), tour to blackpool over the easter weekend, NAMS, mini-NAMS and numerous curry nights. Leeds are hosting mini-NAMS this year which involves Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham medic hockey teams coming to stay for a weekend of organised partying and hockey!


Leeds Medics and Women’s Football Club

Emma Shaw (um08es@leeds.ac.uk)Football club for female medical students. Train on a wednesday night 7-9pm, play in a local league on Sundays and play in a 5aside league on Mondays. Also play in matches against other medical schools organised when possible. Enter the annual NAMS competition which we won last year! This is very expensive as the host medical school charges approx. 320pounds per team entered to host the event. Our club provides a great oppotunity to bond with fellow students from all years and network, asking adive about all aspects of medical school. Also great fitness and release from sometimes intense medical school.


Leeds Medics Oncology Society

Mariam (um10mf@leeds.ac.uk)
Hi, we’re the leeds medical school oncology society, and we’ll be holding talks about cancer, peoples experiences and many more. We’ll be holding workshops for 3rd and 4th year medics about how to break bad news which is something that is useful to know for the osces, encourage students to do research in cancer, we are currently trying to join with the leaders society in leeds, which is a research society at the university of leeds. In addition the involvement of adiology
and palliative care will be happening soon! we’re a society which hope to raise more awareness, money and research into cancer, we want to move together forward and raise awareness greatly, so help us make a difference together!


Leeds University – HOMED

Harry Coleman (HOMED@leeds.ac.uk)
The charity HOMED works with students to promote understanding of, and encourage engagement with, issues relating to homelessness and social exclusion, such as drug addiction prostitution and mental health.


Leeds University – KOP

Emily Hancock (leedskop@gmail.com)
Leeds branch of KOP (Kenyan Orphan Project) is a charity started by medical students. Members are required to fundraise throughout the year for the charity, and then we travel to Kenya in the summer to see the charity in action. The charity works with several NGO’s in Kisumi in Kenya that work with orphans and vulnerable children.


Leeds University – LMSU

Ben Green (um08blg@leeds.ac.uk)
LMSU aim to provide high quality training in first aid and pre-hospital life support skills for medical students. Our programme is tailored to the course and runs over a four year period with distinct modules and training outcomes. In addition to this we provide professional courses and qualifications for members.


Leeds University – EXSEL

Dr Karen Lee (k.e.lee@leeds.ac.uk)
EXSEL is a unique scheme which nurtures undergraduate medical students with research ambitions to become academic clinicians. Students selected to be EXSEL scholars are given a bursary to conduct research during vacation time. Under the supervision of an academic mentor, the EXSEL students develop valuable skills for their future clinical posts and represent the Leeds Medical School. This is made possible by generous donations and sponsorship.


Leeds University – P.U.L.S.E

Sabrina Asaad, Jennifer Macallen (pulseleeds@googlemail.com)
P.U.L.S.E is a student-led society for Primary Care, and it is for all those who are interested in finding out more about primary care and the different fields, as well as those wanting to be general practitioners. We regularly host events such as national conferences and talks by general practitioners who are experts in their respective fields.


Leeds University – Psychiatry Society

Rachael Thompson (um07rjt@leeds.ac.uk)
To encourage an awareness of psychiatry in medical students and health care professionals as well as promoting mental health issues to professionals and patients.

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation in Schools – Leicester

Rebecca Partridge (cprisleicester@googlemail.com)
CPRiS is a young project in Leicester, set up in 2010. We aim to increase the number of people who have knowledge of basic life support by running sessions in schools and youth groups to share these simple but potentially life-saving skills. School pupils gain the confidence and experience required to deal with such emergencies as cardiac arrest and choking. Our members benefit from refresher training in basic life support, exciting talks, and opportunities to gain experience of teaching young people around Leicester. This year we have run several sucessful sessions in local schools and Scouts groups, have organised training sessions for medical students, and have put on socials. We’ve got even more in the pipeline for next year and are an enthusiastic society, looking forward to becoming bigger and better in the future!



Joe Esland (je88@le.ac.uk)
To assist students in developing their academic and clinical competence, by peer-led education and the offer of a consistent opportunity to practice. Structured, scenario-based sessions will be used to integrate content from across the course, preparing students for the way in which they will use their knowledge as a doctor.


Leicester Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (FoMSF)

Matthew Quinn (leicesterfomsf@gmail.com)
Friends of MSF (FoMSF) are student societies in universities around the UK and Ireland. We are the official student support organisation for MSF across both nations, and are run on a voluntary basis.
Our aims are to:
1) Raise awareness of MSF’s work and humanitarian issues
2) Encourage students to consider working for organisations such as MSF
3) Raise funds for MSF


Leicester Scrubs

Tristan Boam (leicesterscrubs@hotmail.co.uk)
Leicester Scrubs is a surgical society dedicated to providing education, career planning advice and practical skills training to students interested in a career in surgery.


Leicester University Medical Research Society

Stefan George (publicity@lumrs.co.uk)
Leicester University Medical Research Society (LUMRS) has been developed to help build bridges between medical students in Leicester and the world of academic research by hosting informative and interactive events and talks and helping to provide a general platform for students to medical research and audit.


University of Leicester: Leicester Derm School

Nadia Saffaf (dermschool@googlemail.com)
Leicester Derm School aim to provide the medical students of the University of Leicester the opportunity to experience dermatology through the course of lecture series, suturing events, and much more. As one of the student societies attached to the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), we also provide bursaries for students who wish to attend BAD conferences.

Liverpool Marrow

Victoria Connor (md0u7301@liv.ac.uk)
Liverpool Marrow is a student group that aims at seving lives from leukaemia and severe blood disorders. We work alongside Anthony Nolan Trust to help recruit people to the register, which links potential donors with people who desperately need a stem cell transplant. Liverpool Marrow is a completly student run society, we organise student recruitment events, educate students about the bone marrow register and carry out much needed fundraising for Anthony Nolan trust to ensure that they continue with the amazing work they do.


The Surgical Scousers

Prashant Singh (surgicalscousers@hotmail.com)
Over the course of this academic year, we have been able to provide 36 events, which included skills workshops, evening lectures, case presentation evenings, and a pub quiz. Our workshops have comprised basic suturing and knot tying (5 sessions) and wet lab anastomosis on porcine bowel (3 sessions). We have also provided laparoscopic workshops on box trainers (4 sessions) to introduce students to this vital skill. We would like to acknowledge the role of the MASTER Unit at Royal Liverpool Hospital for providing this opportunity. Our weekly lectures have featured careers talks, revision lectures, and our currently running “Surgery for Finals” series. We also ran a weekly anatomy programme with local surgical trainees at the start of the year, and in conjunction with the Dept of Anatomy, we were able to organise a series of lectures on neuroanatomy. We also have a research symposium evening planned for 1st May, hosted by the RCSEd, for which abstracts are currently being accepted. Student feedback has been at its best this year, and in the coming months we plan to increase the number of workshops, introduce students to more surgical skills, and resume our surgical conference which we left out this year due to students opting for more workshops.

DermSoc Manchester

Charlotte Reddick (charlotte.reddick@Student.manchester.ac.uk)
Mission statement: Dermsoc Manchester aims to promote awareness of skin disease amongst Manchester Medical undergraduate trainees. We will further undergraduate education and career interests in the field of dermatology through symposia and lectures.


Health Olympics

James Humphreys (james.humphreys@student.manchester.ac.uk)
We are a student led society concerned with health promotion and disease prevention in the community. We organise events at colleges, places of worship and community centres where we assess peoples cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol, and give lifestyle advice. We recruit fellow medical student volunteers to help out at events where they are able to practice communication and clinical skills.


Manchester Oncology Society

Claire Donaghy (Mcroncology@gmail.com)
Founded in 2009, the Manchester Oncology Society (MOS) aims to foster an interest in clinical aspects of oncology, academic research and all aspects of cancer care within the medical undergraduate community in Manchester and further afield. Our ongoing programme involves building links between local universities and teaching hospitals in order to deliver symposia, conferences, competitions and careers advice to students. This educational mission is supported by online content and reference material.


Manchester Medical Careers Society

Tom Sherman (thomas.sherman@student.manchester.ac.uk)
A student run careers society that aims to promote awareness of careers related topics to undergraduates through lecture events, interactive workshops and an annual careers fair open to the entire of Manchester Medical School.


Manchester Medical Debating Society

Tasleema Begum (tasleema.begum@student.manchester.ac.uk)
A new society set up in Manchester to increase the awareness of the importance of being able to debate and coherently get your points across when working in the medical profession. We hold regular debates and activities for medical students and have relevant clinicians taking pat. We also have the support of the medical school and are working towards implementing a debating section in the communication part of the curriculum for phase 1 students.


Manchester Medical Students’ Charity

Kirstin McGregor (kirstin.mcgregor@student.manchester.ac.uk)
Manchester Medical Students’ Charity (MMSC) run OSCE revision lectures for years 1-4 at Manchester medical school, and a popular freshers pub quiz to raise money for an annually nominated local charity. We aim to raise at least £3500 each year, which in the past has gone to well deserved causes such as The Manchester Burns Foundation, Francis House Hospice and The Childrens’ Hospital.


Manchester Wilderness Medicine Society (MWMS)

Christopher Humphries (manchester.wms@gmail.com)
Manchester Wilderness Medicine Society (MWMS) was refounded in 2009 by a group of medical students at Manchester Medical School. Over the past few years, the society has only become stronger, establishing itself as one of the most active student societies in the medical school. MWMS makes a concerted effort to be the ‘practical society’, giving attendees at its lectures and training sessions real skills which they could apply themselves if the need arose. This covers things like the use of items of equipment, to practising carrying an injured casualty. We also hold several lectures each year, usually based around areas which it is hard to give hands-on experience in.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Medaid Manchester

Maria Kim (mminyoungkim@gmail.com)
Medaid Manchester (MaM) is a charity organisation for students who are travelling abroad for their electives/work abroad to impoverished areas. We distribute useful medical equipments and items that may help the patients they work with during their work placement. These medical items are from donations of medical suppliers all around from UK. By doing this, we hope to give good opportunity for the students to get actively involved in humanitarian aid in impoverished health settings across the globe.


Mediscope Magazine

Alex Gawthrope (editor@mediscope.org.uk)
Mediscope is a high-quality, free magazine for medical students and other healthcare professionals which caters to the diverse interests of its readers, and explores the multi-faceted nature of medicine. It is designed and edited entirely by the editorial team, who are all students at Manchester Medical School.

Originally established in 1898 as “The Manchester Royal Infirmary Gazette”, and successfully relaunched in 2007 as “Mediscope”, the magazine is now published three times a year and distributed to the medical school and its associated University teaching hospitals; in the near future it is envisaged that distribution will expand to include other medical schools within the UK.


Preston SurgSoc

Joanna White (joanna.white-2@student.manchester.ac.uk)
We are a surgical society, aiming to give insight and encourage medical students to pursue a career in surgery. We hold monthly lectures on surgical specialties rarely experienced as students, as well as larger skill based days including workshops such as chest drain insertions and suturing.



Scalpel – University of Manchester Surgical Society

Lauren Bolton (scalpelmanchester@gmail.com)
Scalpel is the University of Manchester’s Surgical Society, which represents and hopes to further medical student interest in surgery.

Scalpel was originally formed in 2001, but it was not until 2006 that a core group of Manchester medical students re-formed the society under guidance from the Royal College of Surgeons, creating Scalpel as we know it today. Since this re-invention of itself, scalpel has gone from strength to strength and currently has approximately 800 members.

As an undergraduate surgical society, Scalpel has three key aims:

– To organise events that showcase surgery and all of its specialties,
– To excite and enthuse students about surgery,
– To provide students who are interested in surgery with relevant careers information and advice.
Scalpel hopes to achieve these aims by organising talks and workshops delivered by charismatic surgeons from each and every surgical specialty. We want to get students excited about surgery early on so that they can start to consider whether they want to choose surgery as a career. With competition for surgical jobs becoming more and more fierce, students are being forced to consider their career options earlier than ever before. In 2008 as many as 36 applicants applied per available place for some surgical specialties1. Therefore students hoping for a career in surgery must start to think about how to make themselves more competitive and Scalpel hopes to help these students by organising surgical careers events and by providing students with surgical role models.

Scalpel also seeks to encourage students from minorities into surgery, whether those minorities are ethnic, gender or otherwise by inviting role models from all walks of life as speakers at Scalpel events. Women in Surgery (WinS) events are a frequent feature of Scalpels events calendar, and a diverse range of speakers ensures the calendar remains of a high calibre and continues to be interesting and relevant.

In 2009 Scalpel held their first ever National conference providing delegates from all over the UK with the opportunity to present their case reports and original research to an audience of esteemed clinicians and students. The conference proved to be a resounding success and over 120 delegates attended from as far afield as Cornwall, Brighton and East Anglia. In 2010 the conference was on a much larger scale with over 200 delegates and world renowned surgeons such as professor Averil Mansfield and Professor Harold Ellis. Plans are already under-way for the 2011 event.

Academic Medicine Society, Newcastle University (AMSNCL)

Alhafidz Hamdan (dizhalfa@gmail.com)
We are a society of medical students at Newcastle University, committed to bridging the gap between undergraduate medical education and the superb biomedical research that goes on at our university.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To publicise the concept of academic medicine within the medical school
  • To encourage and facilitate undergraduates to participate in research projects
  • To inform senior medical students about the Academic Foundation Programme (AFP)
  • To provide a point of contact for students interested in teaching / research
  • To provide a point of contact for clinical academics / researchers wanting to recruit medical students


Emergency Medicine Society

Nicolas Simmers (nemsoc@gmail.com)
Newcastle University Emergency Medical Society (NEMSOC) is a society aimed mainly at medical students, which provides education and training activities in Emergency Medicine and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.

NEMSOC’s main aims are to promote the specialty of emergency medicine, providing teaching and experiences in the specialty and to promote the personal development of students with a focus on good teamwork, communication and leadership skills. As a medical society, NEMSOC is leading the way in both the number and frequency of events.

The main events run by the society are “Trauma Tuesdays”. These are fortnightly educational events run by the committee and each fortnight focuses on a different area of emergency medicine, such as respiratory emergencies, psychiatric emergencies or paediatrics. The themes are tailored to the MBBS curriculum, with the selected topic for that week chosen to reflect what the maximum number of medical students will be studying on their main curriculum at that time. The scenario/simulation-based teaching at the Trauma Tuesday events provides students with an excellent opportunity not only to learn and revise medicine, but also to develop skills in communication, decision-making and team working. Further events organised by the society include socials, conference visits and charity events.


Palliative Society

Naomi Higton (n.higton@newcastle.ac.uk)
Many of us have experienced of end of life care, be it in a medical rotation, for a family member or friend. The society aims to promote awareness of the Palliative Care speciality and end of life issues. We do this through speakers and discussions on a range of relevant topics, workshops to gain additional skills and confidence, as well as film nights and activities linked with local charities to provide opportunities to get actively involved.


Psychiatry Society (NUPsych)

Ellisiv Clarke (E.b.clarke@newcastle.ac.uk)
NUPsych support students with an interest in mental health and psychiatric practice. As well as organising educational talks, seminars and events, we fundraise for mental health charities and awareness.

GPS – General Practice Society

Rebecca Clegg (generalpracticesociety@gmail.com)
We are a MedSoc society dedicated to nurturing a passion for a career in Primary Care! We run a very active calendar in close collaboration with the Royal College of General Practice – talks, Sign Language for Healthcare Students, revision events, mock OSCEs and more!



James Pumphrey (mzyrc2@nottingham.ac.uk)
Homed is a branch of Medsin with a main aim of raising awareness of social inequalities experienced by homeless people. Set up in 2010, the society is fresh and new to Nottingham, but there are many more established groups up and down the country all working towards the same goals. We offer opportunities for medics and non-medics alike to volunteer with homeless people for example on weekly soup runs into the city centre and with various other outreach projects. We will soon be offering exciting new opportunities for medics of all year groups to shadow professionals such as those in the probation service, drug and alcohol dependence services, prostitute support service, to name but a few. There are also many opportunities to get involved in fundraisers to support the work we do. Why not test yourself on one of our sponsored sleep-outs for a night, and raise money for a good cause!


Nottingham Marrow

Matthew Sherwin (mzycrmps@nottingham.ac.uk)
The founding Anthony Nolan Trust university group. We seek to fundraise and sign up as many students to the national bone marrow register as possible.


Nottingham Medical Student Association (Medsoc)

Holly Richardson (mzyhjr@nottingham.ac.ukNottingham University – Junior’s

Roselin Boramakot (mzycrb@nottingham.ac.uk)
Juniors is the University of Nottingham’s Paediatrics society. We were set up to help people interested in Paediatrics find out more about the speciality and to support students throughout their paediatric placement during 4th year. From workshops, classes and exam revision guides, to careers fairs and talks from distinguished clinicians in the field, we have something to suit everybody.

If you are considering Paediatrics as a career, want to find out more or just benefit from support during your paediatric placement then look out for us at Fresher’s Fayre and at events throughout the year. Membership is just £5 for all 5 years at med school, amazing value for money!

Want to find out more? Visit out Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=62196108915&ref=ts

Or Contact us on: sujuniors@nottingham.ac.uk


Nottingham University – Medics Badminton

Chong Yi Kang (mzycrcyk@nottingham.ac.uk)
The society consists of both competitive and non-competitive players, with a group of friendly committee members organizing and supporting each activity carried out by the society. We do compete in tournaments organized throughout the year with badminton societies from across the country taking part, while the rest would just enjoy a session of fun sport on the occasional weekend.


Nottingham University – Medics Basketball

Sam Walters (mzydstw@nottingham.ac.uk)
Basketball training and league games for medical students at Nottingham University.


Nottingham University – Open Art Surgery

Kirstie Stone (kirstiestone@hotmail.com)
Open Art Surgery is a branch of the registered charity Medsin. It is a project which involves volunteer students going into the Queens Medical Centre paediatrics wards. The volunteers carry out art therapy sessions with the children in which they are given a chance to socialise with each other as well as express themselves through art. It has proven particularly helpful for children of all ages in long term hospitalisation as they often feel bored and isolated. We hold three workshops a week, giving children a chance to forget about needles and blood tests and come along and get creative. It encourages them to mix with other children and to focus on something positive rather than their illness. There are also display areas in the hospital for art pieces created by the children involved.

Open Art Surgery is growing year by year and we have seen other medical schools grasp the opportunity to start similar projects. We would like to see Open Art Surgery workshops in paediatric wards throughout the country as we have seen how a simple arts workshop can put a smile on the face of so many kids and give them something to look forward to during a boring stay in hospital. Not only that but the students who volunteer also find it a rewarding experience and volunteer time and time again.


Nottingham University Medics Art Society

Aimee Rowe (mzycrar2@nottingham.ac.uk)
We are an active art society, founded by Graduate students at the University of Nottingham.
We liase with other societies and charities and have excellent relationships with faculty. Once a week we attend Life Drawing classes and have run events ranging from Pub Origami to Historical Medical trips to London. We aim to accomodate all forms of art and bring art to medicine in a relevant and interesting way.


Nottingham University Medics Womens Football

Howra Ktayen (mzyhk2@nottingham.ac.uk)
A friendly relaxed Football Club for all abilities. After the success of reaching the semi finals at last years national NAMS competition on home ground, this year we are entering a few 5 and 7 a side competitions. We are currently low on members and so seek funding to pay for a regular training session to encourage more people to join.


Nottingham University Wilderness Medicine Society

Neil Gantra (uonwildmedsoc@gmail.com)
The Wilderness Medicine Society is a branch of UoN MedSoc that specialises in the teaching and practise of emergency medicine in austere environments with an interest in Pre-Hospital; Expedition, Event and Military; and Humanitarian medicine. Through classroom talks and weekend trips, we aim to instruct students in the appropriate management of casualties in these remote environments, whilst promoting the clinical decision-making skills to apply this knowledge in more urban situations.


Open School Nottingham

Lucy Myint (lucymyint@hotmail.com)
Open School Nottingham is a society dedicated to improving the education of medical students in terms of patient care, ethics and the non-academic side of becoming a doctor.


Pins and Needles

Ben Thompson (pinsandneedles.notts@outlook.com)
Pins and Needles is the Nottingham University Anaesthetic Society that was established in August 2009. With anaesthesia being the largest employing specialty within the UK it was thought that it should have its own student representation. The society has been created to inject enthusiasm about the specialty of anaesthesia amongst medical students whilst giving an insight into a what a career would hold in store. It is also the aim of Pins and Needles to aid development of key skills and tackle difficult topics that are relevant not only to anaesthesia but essential to get through medical school; helping out from 1st year all the way through until finals. For those of you who have already been introduced into the wonders of anaesthesia there will be opportunities to listen to or take part in different areas of interest within the specialty at your request.


SCRUBS (Nottingham)

Henry Bergman (scrubs@nottingham.ac.uk)
SCRUBS is the surgical society for the University of Nottingham. It is a very well established society, running many events continually throughout the year. It’s events focus on four main components: Academic, Skills, Careers and Research. Over the year we run a full calendar of events aimed at medical students through all levels of training; the full list is available on our websites:

www.nottinghamscrubs.co.uk – Main website
www.nottinghamsrn.co.uk – Research Network

The scope of the society is to promote surgical careers, provide academic aid to students for medical exams and to train future surgeons in foundation surgical skills.


Sexpression Nottingham

Lucy Myint (lucymyint@hotmail.com)
Sexpression Nottingham is a branch of Sexpression:UK that educates students of secondary school age around Nottingham about sexual health, relationships and puberty.


University of Nottingham – Heartstart

Sarah Ford (mzybsf@nottingham.ac.uk)
HEARTSTART is a UK based organisation whose primary aim and focus is to teach basic life support (BLS) in the community. We teach a wide range of children and adults what to do in a life-threatening emergency, focusing on the collapsed adult – simple skills that save lives. Heartstart works in partnership with many organisations and institutions such as local volunteer groups, the ambulance service and schools to establish local community schemes. As a student led branch of the charity, we have taught at primary and secondary schools, Brownie and Guide Groups, Scouts and around the University and are always looking at new ways of promoting BLS skills and teaching opportunities. The visits are a great way to have fun, meet other medics and keep your life-saving skills up to scratch! If you would like to be trained or get involved with HEARTSTART in any way at all, look out for us at fresher’s fayre and join the facebook group to stay updated on teaching sessions, training sessions and other events!


University of Nottingham – Save a Baby’s Life

Charlotte Peal (sablnottingham@gmail.com)
Save a Baby’s Life (SaBL) is a student run course organised by the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS). It is aimed at anyone involved in the care of children under 12 months of age and provides training in basic life support, including CPR, choking and near drowning. This project is lead by medical students who are trained in infant first aid by trainers from the Royal Life Saving Society. Following this training the students then go into the local community to teach parents and carers these valuable skills. This is done by actively seeking out venues within the community and taking the training to carers of infants and running sessions in venues to suit them.


University of Nottingham – TeddyBear Hospital

Rebecca Clegg (mzyrc2@nottingham.ac.uk)
Teddy Bear Hospital is a national healthcare project run by medical students, which aims to educate children and help to reduce fears of doctors and healthcare facilities. We try to familiarise children with the environment that they would experience at a hospital or GP’s clinic, in a fun and safe manner. Children aged 3 to 7 years old bring their “sick” teddy bear or doll to visit the doctor. The child then acts as the parent and has control over the consultation, allowing them to gain confidence in front of a doctor and reduce any fears they may have, treating their teddies in the process. We also teach them about health issues such as exercise and hand hygiene. We run clinics throughout the year at primary schools, children’s groups and organised events. The Nottingham branch has been active for around 5 years with a 12 strong committee and 450 members, who can practice communicating with children AND have great fun! We try to visit at least two clinics per month. All our volunteers are trained in consultation skills and child protection. If you require any additional information please find us on facebook at Notts Teddy Bear Hospital or email tbh.nottingham@gmail.com


University of Nottingham Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres

Alok Chauhan (mzybac@nottingham.ac.uk)
FoMSF aims to provide information about the organisation through informal talks and workshops. Throughout these sessions, people are able to donate money to MSF. Our objective is to encourage students to think of working for MSF in the future and educate people on the work MSF is carrying out.


University of Nottingham Marrow

Kiran Bhavra (mbykb12@nottingham.ac.uk)
Nottingham Marrow is a student led volunteering group at the University of Nottingham that works alongside Anthony Nolan. There are over 50 Marrow groups, with hundreds of volunteers in universities across the country, who are all working towards one thing – saving the lives of people with blood cancer. Our mission is to give students at the University of Nottingham the chance to join the stem cell register, as well as help recruit other students and to help raise money for Anthony Nolan. We do this by holding Save A Life Sessions every fortnight and our fundraising includes glow stick sales at the well renowned Ocean and Crisis, bake sales, fun runs and more!

If you’d like to find out more on how to get involved visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NottinghamMarrow/


Widening Access to Medicine Society

Valerie Astle (mzybva@nottingham.ac.uk)
This is a medical student led widening participation scheme aimed at promoting medicine as a career to individuals from non-privileged backgrounds. The society runs a number of events and programmes throughout the year, such as: introduction to studying medicine; UCAS evening; clinical skills day; personal statement evening; interview skills evening; school visits; work experience summer programme and e-mentoring.

Oxford Global Health Group

Joe Piper (president@oxfordghg.co.uk)

The Oxford Global Health Group is an enthusiastic, student-run society that aims to promote interest in international health issues, and raise money for various medical charities.

The society was created in 2004, starting with a World AIDS Day event which included speeches from the co-discoverers of HIV and the International President of Medecins Sans Frontieres. Since then, OGHG has organised annual conferences for World AIDS, TB and Malaria Day.

OGHG regularly invites speakers to talk to our members on a wide range of global health topics. These seminars take the form of a short talk followed by a lively and informal discussion. The masterclasses have include topics such as:

* Tropical medicine
* Disaster, conflict and relief medicine
* Practising medicine and surgery in the developing world
* Social and economic development
* Human rights
* Asylum seekers access to healthcare
* Practical first aid and personal safety in developing countries

Each year, we organise a large global health careers fair, with representatives from over 20 NGO’s including VSO, MSF, Doctors of the World, as well as London and Liverpool Schools’ of Tropical Medicine, UCL.

Please find out more at our website:


or our groupspaces page (which has the latest updates)



Oxford Medical Students’ Society

Julia Pakpoor (julia.pakpoor@bnc.ox.ac.uk)
Oxford Medical Students’ Society is a student-run society which aims to support medics in all aspects of their time as medical students, welfare, entertainment, sports and academics. Numerous events are organised each term and relevant talks arranged. MedSoc provides a platform for medics to get to know other medics at Oxford Unievrsity.


Oxford Society for Medicine

Anisha Bhagwanani (osmcommittee@googlemail.com)
The Oxford Society for Medicine is one of the most prominent student-run societies in the Oxford medical school that has been running for three years and aims to encompass both the pre-clinical and clinical medical students. The society aims to promote debate on important medical issues ranging from politics, careers, ethics and cutting-edge science. The OSM holds events 3-4 times a term by inviting guests, many of which are world renowned leaders in their respective fields. Events have included: a debate about organ transplantation, the Editor of the Lancet on healthcare in Gaza, the chairman of the BMA on the changes in the NHS, the GB athletics team coach, medical entrepreneurship and MP Evan Harris.


St Anne’s College Medical Society

Shirley Yick (lok.yick@st-annes.ox.ac.uk)
St Anne’s College Medical Society is a student-run society comprising the pre-clinical and clinical students of St Anne’s College, Oxford. We aim to provide informal gatherings during term to foster cohesion within medical students of different years and also organise termly medical society talks and dinners to facilitate interaction between academics and clinicians in the medical field and current students.



Daniel Sommer (daniel.sommer@medschool.ox.ac.uk)
Oxford Medical School annual pantomime – 71 year history. Involves ALL 4th year clinical medical students (directed and produced by 5th year medical students), and doctors from across the region.

Peninsula Undergraduate Medical Society (PUMS)

Nadia Dullaghan (President 2011-2012) (pums@pcmd.ac.uk)
In only its second year, PUMS has grown to be the largest society at Peninsula Medical School with over 400 members. We are an undergraduate society which is not only for those interested in the medical specialities but also for those who appreciate extra teaching to supplement the self-directed learning component of our course.

We provide careers advice to those interested in the medical specialities and teaching (in the form of lectures, microteaches and revision courses)to all students across all campuses. We also run an ISCE (Integrated Structured Clinical Exam, similar to the OSCEs) mentoring scheme where students from the clinical years prepare year 2 students for the ISCEs by bringing them into the hospital to allow them to practice their history taking and examination skills.

We also like to hold inter-campus and joint society events, past examples including Professor Parveen Kumar’s visit and the Podmedics revision courses, which have been very popular and are always oversubscribed.

Please visit our website at www.pums.co.uk

Medsin QUB

Nathan Cantley (medsin@qub.ac.uk)
We are the Belfast branch of the Student organisation medsinUK (www.medsin.org). We stand to promote health equity for all through our ethos of advocate, educate and act. We run a series of events that teach our members the health inequities that exist both across the world and closer to home whilst also giving opportunities to take action themselves. Our remit also involves trying to shape medical education both what is taught and how it is delivered by collaborating with the medical school academics and shaping how global health and evidence based medicine it taught to tomorrows doctors. We are unique in some ways in that we are part of a much wider network of branches spread right out across the country and have the ability to contribute to UK-wide initiatives. We hope to continue our work and look forward to joining your network of societies.


Queen’s University Medical Society

Naomi Armstrong (narmstrong10@qub.ac.uk)
Queen’s University Medical Society.


Gisele Infield-Solar (sheffieldpsychsoc@gmail.com)
PsychSoc is run by medical students. We offer lectures and workshops which embrace the multi-dimensional theme of mental illness and its treatment. Our broad aim is to enhance the awareness and appreciation of psychiatry in its many contexts. We wish to promote psychiatry, foster understanding and diffuse cynicism about the subject. PsychSoc’s programme of events will appeal principally to students, lecturers and researchers in the fields of medicine, neuroscience and psychology. However, we welcome attendance at our events from those involved in other fields of related interest. Lectures delivered in the past include talks about training Olympic athletes how to manage their minds, on spotting psychopaths and revision sessions in the run up to exams.


Sheffield Medical Ethics Society

Sarah Sobka (methics@sheffield.ac.uk)
We are a friendly society of medical students interested in ethical dilemmas that will challenge us throughout the profession. We are a relatively new society and are still very much a member driven society and want to hear your ideas. In the past year we have run numerous teaching events, invited guest speakers and had several great socials, which we wish to continue in the upcoming year. We also greatly enjoy engaging in ethical debates and this year we were the winners of the Institute of Medical Ethics National Student Debate Competition, which was a great achievement. Please do come to our events and socials if you wish to get involved.


Sheffield MedSex

Alice Nunn (coordinator@sheffieldmedsex.org.uk)
As a branch of National Sexpression, we are a very enthusiastic group of medical students who deliver Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in schools around Sheffield. As of September 2011, we currently teach have contacts in 6 schools and teach students aged 12-18 in a diverse range of SRE topics, including Body Image, Self Examination, Healthy Relationships, Pregnancy, and of course STIs and Contraception.


Sheffield Students Surgical Society

Shavi Wadanmby (surgsoc@sheffield.ac.uk)
The Surgical Society is a friendly and motivated society that aims to promote a career in surgery. We work hard to provide our members with interesting events, including talks by surgeons from varied fields and specialist fields, surgical suturing classes and anatomy tutoring, as well as advice and points of contact for career advice.

Come find us on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/nu4ssss/ or our website! http://www.rcssheffield.co.uk/

Heart Start

Ahmad Elmansouri (heartstart.soton@googlemail.com)
Heart Start is a small society affiliated with the British Heart Foundation. We run sessions to teach Basic Life Support to local community groups, primarily working with Scout groups and schools. Many of our members find that it is a rewarding society to be involved with, both because of the satisfaction gained from passing on skills that could literally save a person’s life, and on a more personal level being able to develop your communication and teaching skills, particularly in relation to working with children. All teachers are given full training.


HIV Education (HIVE) Southampton

Stephen Yekini (hive@sichange.org.uk)
HIVE Southampton are a student led charity that teach in schools in the Hampshire area about HIV and AIDS and global issues surrounding the epidemic. We were set up in 2006 and since then have taught over 9,000 pupils in 20 of Southampton’s local schools. We are part of a larger international organisation – Support for International Change (SIC) – whose mission is to limit the impact of HIV/AIDS in underserved communities and to train future leaders in global health and development. It was founded in 2002 and currently works in rural communities in Tanzania, where poor infrastructure and widespread poverty limits access to HIV testing and prevention services, and leaves people living with HIV socially and physically isolated from care. As HIVE Southampton, we want to give as much support as we can to our mother charity, and for this reason we raise money. Over the past couple of years that our events programme has been running we have raised over £11,000 to send to their projects in Tanzania. We also recruit students with an interest in international work to volunteer with SIC, and experience HIV and AIDS education in Tanzania for themselves.


Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Bexley Rimmer (obs.gynae.soc@gmail.com)
Are you interested in obstetrics and gynaecology? From those of you encountering O&G for the very first time, to the aspiring obstetrician, we aim to allow members to pursue their interests, as well as informing and inspiring newbies. We hold events to improve clinical skills and host guest speakers to give an insight into working life. This is the perfect opportunity to explore progressing into a career post-medical school, network, enhance your CV and meet like-minded people. Hope to see you soon!


Southampton Inspire Academic Society

Danielle Hart (Inspire@soton.ac.uk)
“INSPIRE is a UK-wide initiative, driven by the Academy of Medical Sciences, to engage medical and dental undergraduates with research. The University of Southampton is pleased to support the INSPIRE programme and to encourage all of our medical students to learn more about research and the impact that this has on improving clinical care.”

Professor Cameron, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

SIAS was formed when Southampton INSPIRE merged with the Academic Society to form what is now the biggest, and one of the most active, societies within MedSoc. We hold regular events, including: Monthly journal club, monthly research taster sessions, revision sessions, careers talks, lab tours, conferences, and an annual showcase.


Southampton Surgical Society

Mike Carvill (surgery@aoton.ac.uk)
The Southampton Surgical Society aims to foster an environment within which students interested in a surgical career can actively pursue their goals. The ethos of our society is that this can be achieved in three ways.

– Events run locally at the medical school including courses, seminars and conferences.
– Making students aware of national competitions and conferences and encouraging participation.
– Actively encouraging involvement in a particular surgical speciality.


Southampton University Medical Society

Vikash Dodia (medsoc@soton.ac.uk)
Southampton Medsoc is your student body here to represent and help you. We support a number of societies and sports clubs, organise a number of events and socials throughout the year and sponsor local and national charities as well as student led charitable work. More than that we also provide you latest news and views through our own online magazine- The Body, education resources to help with revision and are working on even more ways to support your future career.


University of Southampton Paediatric Society

Stephen Yekini (paedsoc@gmail.com)
We aim to provide students with opportunities to explore Paediatrics as a specialty. We host a range of academic events throughout the year, including guest talks, peer teaching and practical training sessions aimed to provide skills and opportunities for those wanting to learn more about a career in child health. We also fundraise throughout the year for Friends of PICU, a charity that supports the paediatric intensive care unit at SGH. Additionally, we also aim to make the 3rd Annual Paediatric Society Conference bigger and better than ever!

St Andrews Surgical Society

Kate Tilley (Kt267@st-andrews.ac.uk)
2009, a small group of students set up the University’s first surgical interest society. Since then, a multitude of lectures, skills workshops and anatomy revision tutorials have been run by the society and it continues to grow in size. The ‘Robert Walmsley lecture’ was created in 2011 as a yearly event held in the old Bute Buildings to commemorate this previous setting of the teaching of medicine in St Andrews; the inaugural lecture was delivered by Dr. David Sinclair. The society this year hosted its first national undergraduate surgical conference.


Teddy Bear Hospital St Andrews

Meera Kumar (tbhsta@st-andrews.ac.uk)
Teddy Bear Hospital St Andrews is a public health project set up to work with primary school children in deprived areas of Fife by educating them about health issues (health eating, excercise etc) through the medium of activities and games. We also aim to reduce anxiety and fears that children may have about healthcare professionals and hospitals through interactive play sessions, where teddies are used as patients so that the children have a better understanding of how things work in a healthcare setting.


University of St Andrews Friends of MSF

Ivan Kisyov (ipk2@st-andrews.ac.uk)
We raise awareness of MSF campaigns and fundraise within the University of St Andrews.


University of St Andrews Surgical Society

David Clark (djc49@st-andrews.ac.uk)
Set up in November 2009, the Surgical Society at our solely pre-clinical schools aims to introduce students in their first 3 years of medical education to surgery as a discipline. We host career talks, lectures from academics renowned for their research and classes for skills which students are not exposed to at this stage, including suturing and laparoscopic techniques. There is also a strong culture of charity within the society.

MDs Comedy Revue Society

Robert John Shaw(uczxmdc@ucl.ac.uk)
The MDs Comedy Revue Society is a light-hearted platform for acting, musical performing and comedy sketch writing, whilst also encompassing the technical aspects of a production. We write medicine-based sketches and participate in a variety of shows throughout the year, including the UH Revue and the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Our live house band performs many of their own gigs as well. As part of our society’s tradition, we hold an annual Christmas production at the Peter Samuel Hall, where proceeds raise money for the Royal Free Charity.


UCL Chapter of the IHI Open School

Saiji Nageshwaran (zchabq3@ucl.ac.uk)
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School at UCL is a student run group which is fully endorsed by UCL Medical School that joins an international movement to change the way we look at healthcare.

The aim is to get students thinking and acting on issues related to patient safety and improving the quality of healthcare.

The Open School affords you the skills and opportunity to run your own health improvement projects and even present at national and international conferences.

Benefits for Chapter Members:

1. Learn about patient safety and quality improvement in health care

2. Receive a discounted rate to attend IHI’s National Forum

3. Participate in patient safety and quality improvement initiatives at health care organizations

4. Access IHI audio conferences and web-based events

5. Publish work in peer-reviewed journals and on IHI’s website

6. Influence and contribute new IHI Open School materials

7. Network with like-minded health professions students, faculty, and employers


UCL Friends of Médecins sans Frontières Society

Raeesa Patel(uczxmsf@ucl.ac.uk)
UCL Friends of MSF Society works in concordance with MSF UK to give all students, non-medics and medics alike, an opportunity to support the instrumental work that MSF perform worldwide. MSF is a humanitarian aid organisation not quite like any other, committed to bringing quality medical care to those caught in crisis, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. Throughout the course of a year, our society holds numerous events dedicated to raising awareness for the vision, missions and core values of MSF, from talks by those who have returned from field missions, to debates, film screenings and various fundraising events. Last year saw Dr Thaier Alhusain, a young Syrian MSF doctor, share his moving journey and experiences out on the field with MSF. We also held a photo exhibition visualising the experiences in an MSF hospital in Pakistan. This year we have even greater things in store for our members, providing the platform required to work with MSF in the future.


UCL Medical Society

Roshnee Patel(president@medicalsociety.org.uk)
We are UCL Medical Society. We host a number of general medical interest events, workshops and conferences throughout the academic year. In addition to this, we provide high-quality supplementary educational events for all year groups, ranging from small-group tutorials to larger-scale SBA sessions. Next year we are looking forward to hosting our first Psychiatry conference, as well as our traditional Paediatric and MedTech conferences.


UCLU Surgical Society

Teddy Tun Win HLA (surg-soc@ucl.ac.uk)
UCL Surgical Society ,since it was founded in 2004, has been committed to providing more information about surgery to medical students. The society holds educational and informative talks every fortnight or once a month and there are also hands-on workshops for all medical students. The workshops included Street medicine, Suturing and Orthofix. We had our first Basic Laparoscopy Course in 2009 and are working together for Basic Surgical Skills Training Course this academic year in 2010. UCL Surgical Society also has a volunteering scheme called ‘ Scrubs and Scalpels’ and are a good place for medical students to gain volunteering experience in the community. Last but not least, UCL Surgical Society have produced a publication called the Silver Scalpel and has just been launched in September 2010.

Anatomy Drawing Society

Charlotte Maplanka (anatomy.drawing.society.nms@gmail.com)
This student initiated society aims to aid our learning of Anatomy in a relaxed atmosphere by linking art into Anatomy learning and providing a continuous learning platform (a factor that underpins learning). This will offer the majority a chance to actively learn anatomy with help from our teachers and peers. This society also offer students opportunities to demonstrate anatomy a chance to use previously acquired knowledge,practice for exams and apply learning skills. We will work very closely with our medical school’s Anatomy Department with sessions that are parallel to our curriculum and extra revision sessions towards exams. This society also contribute to building up a collection of illustrations for our medical school.We aim to aid our earning process and equip us with the fundamental tools to grasp and understand anatomy, improve our observation skills and be better prepared for our future careers where the knowledge of anatomy remains paramount, underpinning clinical practice.


Heducate UEA

Suzy Parker (suzy.parker@uea.ac.uk)
We run mental health workshops in local schools with the aim of raising mental health awareness and tackling stigma, because there is little or no mental health education in the majority of schools. We also run talks at the med school on mental health related topics. www.headucate.org.uk.


UEA Paediatrics Society

Jin Lee(ueapaediatric@gmail.com)
As a society, we aim to support students through their paediatric module by running a number of teaching and revision events throughout the year. We also do fundraising and have a number of guest speakers, usually paediatricians or parents, to come in and speak about their experiences. Next year we aim to run a number of workshops with the public, including Save a Baby’s Life (teaching infant CPR to parents and carers – part of the RLSS programme).


UEA Surgical Society

Rimsha Malik
The UEA Surgical Society contains over 400 members ranging from year 1-5 of medical school. We regularly arrange practical surgical teaching sessions such as suturing, basic laparoscopy and catheterisation. We also invite consultants from a range of specialties to give educational talks and conduct revision sessions in anatomy and radiology.


Adrian Hayes (A.Hayes@warwick.ac.uk)
We are a student-led patient safety society based at the University of Warwick. We aim to promote high quality patient care. We will research and encourage the implementation of simple, cost-effective and time-saving practices that enhance patient safety and are accepted by junior doctors. We will produce original evidence-based evaluations to inform our understanding of the issues surrounding patient safety and use these to inform our promotion of new ways of working. We will promote patient safety amongst junior staff and students, dispelling myths and negativity surrounding the field, and encouraging participation with our work.



Warwick Medical School Journal Club

Helga Magnusson (h.e.magnusson@warwick.ac.uk)
Warwick Medical School Journal Club is an academic society for students within Warwick Medical School; it aims to promote student involvement in Medical research. Since forming in March 2010 our members have been involved in audits and have submitted articles to peer reviewed journals which are in the process of being published. We have also held a critical appraisal workshop and a case report focus session in collaboration with BMJ Case Reports. These two sessions aimed to teach students to interpret and analyse scientific data and how to write case reports respectively. However, our greatest achievement to date is the successful organisation of the first ever Warwick Undergraduate Research Conference.


Warwick Medics Ski / Board

Alex Ashley (snow@warwickmedsoc.com)
Snowsports club running under Warwick MedSoc. We run an annual ski trip to France called the “Winter Tour”. We also organise social events such as meals out and trips to the UK snowslopes for practice sessions.


WMS Paediatric Society

Amy Baker (WMSpaedssoc@gmail.com)
We are a society aimed at promoting all things related to the
specialty of PAEDIATRICS! From introducing you to the specialty and running TEACHING SESSIONS, to providing ELECTIVES ADVICE and working with children and their families through BEDSIDE PLAY, we hope to raise the profile of paediatrics and work closely with the GRACE RESEARCH FUND, a Coventry and Warwickshire based fundraisinginitiative providing support for MEDICAL RESEARCH in paediatrics.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!


University of Warwick Medical Society (MedSoc)

Alex Ashley (snow@warwickmedsoc.com)
Warwick MedSoc is a student-run society for medical students. We are responsible for ensuring our members have the best student experience possible while meeting other medical students. students have access to a number of sports and academic societies set up under Warwick MedSoc. In addition to this we have welfare support available and also run numerous social events throughout the year to ensure integration between different year groups.