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Get into Medical School

Medicine is widely known to be one of the most competitive and demanding degrees in the world. The UKMSA are providing free copies of ‘Medical School: The Applicant’s Guide’ to underprivileged schools throughout the UK. This practical guide provides invaluable information and advice from over sixty students, doctors and professors in the field, collating the essential insights one needs to excel. It provides thorough and clear explanations on how to maximise an individual’s chances to gain entry into medical school in the United Kingdom.

This book summarises the key facts surrounding medical school applications, and focuses on the personal journeys of medical students, graduates and renowned experts in the UK. Edited by doctors with a keen interest in academia, it is written by senior medical students and graduates while being edited by professors to ensure that all the information is up to date and relevant. This is a compendium of the best-kept secrets about how to get into UK medical schools.

This book will help the user to: Optimally approach medical school applications, succeed in interviews, perform well in medical entry exams such as UKCAT, BMAT and GAMSAT, effectively manage ones finances, make the most of a gap year, consider alternative routes into medicine.

The book is available to buy at the following link ‘Medical School: The Applicant’s Guide’

To request a free copy, please check back shortly for further information.